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Watch full episodes of Black Love online on OWN. Stream your favorite shows with the Oprah Winfrey Network. Download our App today! What is the Black Love Experience? Originating from the masterminds behind Nubian Hueman and in partnership with a host of local cultural architects, The Black Love Experience is a multi-sensory experience of artistry and inventiveness geared towards creatives, revolutionaries, kindred souls, and fearless visionaries celebrating ourselves under the canopy of all things Black. With D.L. Hughley, Ladonna Hughley, Kevin Fredericks, Melissa Fredericks. Highlights love stories from the black community and seeks to find secrets to making a marriage work. Features love stories from some successful people in entertainment as well as everyday couples, each offering a unique take on love. Five dynamic black women in New York City embark on a journey to uncover why they can't find love. From the Black Love docu-series to, we aim to be the hub for Black couples and singles looking to build community and conversation around healthy relationships at every stage of life. We are highlighting our Black Love stories and creating content focused on us, because seeing our love represented appropriately matters. #BlackLove BLACK LOVE IS HERE!!! Tonight is the Premier of an all new season of Black Love!!! . . Catch the 2-episode premiere of #BlackLoveDoc on @OWNtv 9/8c and that will followed by the premiere of a Black Love's BRAND NEW Black Love after show, After Love, on YouTube . . The Black Love Summit is an unparalleled, one-day live experience gathering Black singles and couples for transparent conversations about love, partnership, and community.The creators of the Black Love docu-series, Tommy & Codie Elaine Oliver, bring together popular couples from the show along with talent featured on and an energized audience eager to grow and learn from candid ... Love Longer, Love Stronger Tommy Oliver is a film producer, director, writer, cinematographer, photographer and entrepreneur. He produced the films “The Perfect Guy,” “1982” and “Kinyarwanda” among others, co-created the docuseries BLACK LOVE with his wife Codie Oliver and has been noted for his photography during the BLM protests. Watch full episodes of Black Love. Download the Watch OWN app and access OWN anytime, anywhere. Watch full episodes and live stream OWN whenever and wherever you want.

BlackLove: A subreddit specifically for celebrating and discussing Black love

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A subreddit specifically for celebrating and discussing Black love

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A safe space for black women and women of color to work towards, and reach, their fitness goals. We will encourage one another and share all things fitness, diet, health, etc. Our goal is to get healthy and stay healthy.

2020.09.28 04:58 not_neccesarily I don't remember writing in my dream journal, then why is it filled out in my own handwriting?

A week ago I discovered the concept of lucid dreaming. I immediately loved it and started to dig into the internet on guides of how to do it. I watched hours worth of youtube videos. I scrolled through luciddreaming. I set myself alarms to try to wake myself up at the start of my REM periods and I tried all sorts of techniques. Nothing worked. Then I came across some posts mentioning the importance of a dream journal and I decided to give it a shot.
After a short trip to Officeworks I had a small A5 exercise book all ready to record my dreams in. I set it on my bedside table complete with a sharpened new pencil. I was adamant on having a lucid dream.
A few days pass and I barely remember my dreams. Each entry in my diary is under a paragraph. One day I even left blank because I couldn’t remember anything. I stopped writing the dream journal all together and just continued on with my life.
Today, however, something different happened. I woke up to my dream journal filled out in my handwriting. A whole page was written out for the day. My initial reaction was confusion as I didn’t remember writing any entry. Then it was curiosity. What could I have written in my sleep? I picked up the journal and started reading it.
I woke up drowning. I wasn’t drowning, I was floating in water. I tried to get up and banged my head on something. It was glass. I’m stuck inside a glass pod filled with water. The water tastes weird.
I push the glass pod and it opens. I step out in a little room that is filled with these pods. They aren’t fully glass. Only the lids are made of glass. The rest looks like shiny metal. All the other people in the pods are dead? No, they’re sleeping. I have woken up.
I walk out of the room into a long hallway. At this moment I realise that I am wearing nothing. I go back to the room and find some sort of gown next to my pod. I wear it. I walk down the hallway
It's empty. The hallway is pristine white all round. You can’t tell the difference between the floor and the roof. I walk and walk for what feels like days. At regular intervals on either side, there is a door to more and more pod rooms. Some rooms are empty, some half full and some full.
I continue walking until an alarm sounds.
“Subject 1569420 is untethered”
A man rushed towards me suddenly appearing out of nowhere he threw something and my vision fades to black.
My first thought was ‘that was a crazy dream’. Then I was amazed at how I managed to write such a narrative in my sleep. Something felt wrong. This wasn’t my usual dream and I knew it. It was unsettling how I didn’t remember writing any of this. Did I have a carbon monoxide leak in my house?
I turned over the page of my dream journal and found this message written in my rushed crazy handwriting:
You are not awake. Do not forget.
I could recognise it as my handwriting but it was written as if I had to write it while running away from the monster in the closet. You get what I mean it was rushed. Anyways I set it all off and got ready for school. I looked outside and it was a bright sunny day. I had a science test today so I wasn’t gonna let this get to my head.
Upon walking downstairs, I noticed 2 things
A: My parents were not downstairs making breakfast like they would do on a usual weekday
B: it was pitch black outside.
I checked my watch and surely it was 3am. Moreover it wasn’t Friday, it was Saturday. I don’t know what I was more worried about, that I either somehow slept a whole day and missed my science test or something was seriously wrong with my memory. I clearly remember it being 7am when I woke up and checked my watch and it being a sunny day.
I walked back up to my room and sat back in my bed. I counted my fingers just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming and yes I wasn’t. I fell back asleep as I was thinking about what had happened to me.
The next morning, I woke up to my dream journal on my table filled out frantically again
I woke up in water. I was inside a pod I think. I remember this pod. I step out of it and find myself in a familiar room. It’s filled with lots of pods and people are sleeping in them. I walk out of the room and find myself in a familiar never-ending hall. I spotted a small vent in the corner of the room I came out of.
It was large enough for me to crawl through. I crawled through the vent until I reached a room again. The room was an empty computer room. People were sitting at their little screens watching something. Every Once in a while someone moved and pressed a button.
A guy sitting next to the vent spotted me.
An emergency alarm rang
“Subject 1569420 is untethered”
My vision faded to black
I turned the page and again written in frantic and messy handwriting a message was written:
Water- 5ml
Rubbing Alcohol- 1ml
Hydrogen Peroxide- 0.5ml
Coke- 5ml
I was growing ever more confused and concerned about myself. Was I experiencing some sort of mental problem? Psychosis? Dissociation? I checked my watch and it was 8am. I repeated that in my head over and over again as I walked out downstairs
When I went down my parents were making breakfast and my little brother was sitting in the living room watching TV. What was I expecting?
I picked a bottle of coke from the fridge and measured it out with the little plastic measuring cup in the kitchen. I measured out the same quantities of rubbing alcohol and water as well. After mixing them together I opened up a medicine cabinet and found a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I poured a few drops through a dropper into the mixture I had made. My mum then suddenly walks into the kitchen and sees what I’m doing.
It was a short conversation. I told her I was doing something for my upcoming chemistry assignment and she left me alone after looking at me suspiciously.
The mixture was a deep black. I realised that I made the mixture for no reason as I had no idea what to do with it. I took the mixture up to my room and left it on the table.
The next day I woke up again to my dream journal filled out. The entry was very short
They are keeping me in the pods. I can’t get out. I need to become un-tethered
On the next page in frantic handwriting and big bold letters:
I don’t know if I’m being stupid or not. I will drink the mixture tonight. If I stay alive I will update
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2020.09.28 04:44 westkisshairwig Highlight Lace Wig - Low Key And Fashionable Wig

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Of course, we also have many classic lace wigs, such as transparent lace wigs. They are all products with quality assurance. Please feel free to buy them.
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2020.09.28 04:39 Alvaro_Rey_MN History of Destroyerofeps and Alvaro_Rey_MN

100% of the Ellie hate comes from 1 person. u/Destroyerofeps. To explain it all let's go to the beginning.

The beginning

When I first came to this subreddit I was confused on why all the Ellie hate. I like Ellie and I thought the community did too, in fact sometimes too much. However I found out quickly it was all by the same person with his first post in this sub. He said the same thing again, again and again. He really crossed the line when he was caught harassing a redditor named u/EllieRose_real thought the DMs. Man he was hated very quickly. Get a very, very, very lame excuse on why he hates Ellie. Later
Conversation between u/Destroyerofeps and u/Jacked_Hughman
He did he had an argument with u/Jacked_Hughman where this argument. If you don't want to click the link I will say it word for word.
lightmodepatrol get on the ground.
I'm literal fucking garbage and even I know you suck
At least thers's no fuckdestroyerofeps sub at least I didn't kill Charles.
To understand the previous quote there is a subreddit called FuckJackedHughman. Now that isn't the full conversation, but it is the most ironic one. Especially since that conversation was what gave the inspiration to start the subreddit fuckdestroyerofeps and wouldn't you know it the creator of that subreddit was ME. Yes me u/Alvaro_Rey_MN.

fuckdestroyerofeps birth.

In the beginning of my brand new subreddit u/Destroyerofeps was allowed in that subreddit. But he posted some very annoying content about some plan I didn't know about. About some attack he was gonna do at the sub. I had no idea what he was gonna do. No one did. He was too vague to make it public but too detailed to keep it private. He gave hints that didn't make sense at the time. Back then there were a few posts. He also had some braw with u/EllieRose_real that he was gonna play and I started a day before the creation of fuckdestroyerofeps. Anyways in the beginning of the subreddit there was still wait til the battle happened. There was hype around, actually not much. The conversation went where u/Destroyerofeps challenged Ellie in a video game since he taught what made someone superior is winning in a video game. Ellie reluctantly agreed, actually she barely agreed, in fact she didn’t even agree. u/Destroyerofeps assumed she agreed (similar to a counter story against u/Destroyerofeps I will say later on). Eventually u/EllieRose_real declined the offer and u/Destroyerofeps saw it as a forfeit.
I declined, guys. He isn’t worth my time. I’m head of an online community writing a fucking book series, and I have school, I’ve got a lot of better shit to do than fight him online. He can’t even fight me in real life. Unlike him owning Paladins of all games, he has no real life
She just backed out so I won
This got u/Destroyerofeps banned from fuckdestroyerofeps permanently, the action performed by me. u/EllieRose_real got annoyed with that and understandable. If I were to have someone ask me for money and I said no then why and that person starts to go into my house and yelling at me that I haven’t paid him money I would be angry. So in response the furious u/EllieRose_real got tired of u/Destroyerofeps living in a fantasy world that he won when he did not.
Backed out.
Backed out.
I refused to fight you because I have better things to do than fight someone who probably has the Game Sweats, camps, and doesn’t fucking shower. Someone said there’s a reason why legends don’t speak often. Well, it’s the opposite for you. There’s a reason garbage speaks often. Because when you don’t realize you’re completely awful, you just get worse.
TL;DR : Fuck off
It was still unclear what the "plan" was. I found out what he was doing a bit to see what he wanted to do. Apparently he wanted to Rick Roll fuckdestroyerofeps, so I warned the subreddit. Normally that's fine, in fact funny but since u/Destroyerofeps was a really awful redditor I couldn't let him win. I had a plan to retaliate. I asked u/EllieRose_real to share more screenshots on the harassment she got in her DMs, but turns out that wasn't necessary.

u/Trevor31 and Lewandowski's Memes

u/Destroyerofeps wanted to Rick Roll, unfortunately for him he was banned, so he needed some other way. Fortunately for him he got an offer from u/_Trevor31 or so he thought. u/_Trever31 promised u/Destroyerofeps that he was gonna Rick Roll fuckdestroyeps through his DMs. There is a full video on what happened in the DMs posted in HenryStickmin. u/Destroyerofeps gained u/_Trevor’s trust and it was destroyed instantaneously. u/_Trevor31 decided to instead post a video made by a YouTube channel named Lewandowski's Memes. Okay let’s move to Lewandowski’s Memes for a quick while. Lewandowski’s Meme changed his name and made a video on it so he won’t be Lewandowski’s Memes anymore and is currently referred to L7 Memes and the video that was used was an I guess anti-RickRoll where he made everyone expect for a Rick Roll but it didn’t come. Anyways back to u/_Trevor31, u/_Trevor31 made it clear what was u/Destroyerofep's goal was. He wanted to self promote his subreddit while harassing people about it ( SCUNTRIGHTS ). Reason was because his subreddit was dying so he harassed people in his subreddit to join them.
Message to Destroyerofeps. Stop harassing people to promote your sub. It don't make people want to join the subreddit it just makes people hate it.
To be fair since he has stopped but probably because the plan failed. He got from 88 members to 90 members. Compared to a new subreddit which I will talk about later it was never worth it. He self promoted his sub to a subreddit that no one was interested. He promoted SCUNTRIGHTS to HenryStickmin, since when was that a good idea? That subreddit died with the 2nd to last post was back on September 8th. The previous post from someone who wasn’t u/Destroyerofeps was back on July 29th, 2020. u/Destroyerofeps also said he won the war, when I didn’t even know at the time there was war. u/Destroyerofeps thought listed on what he gained.
Beat ellie
Got to troll henrystickmin
Got attetion
As stated earlier he didn’t beat u/EllieRose_real because she never accepted the offer. Trolling HenryStickmin is a short term achievement, not even an achievement actually, that gians nothing. He got attention but in a bad way. These are extreme examples but I will add it anyway. Is Hitler and Stalin famous for good reasons? NO! They got attention and are famous but for being evil. I don’t think he got attention for the right reason and his negative comment Karma shows. Also u/Destroyerofeps kept continuing it, so he didn’t win because he kept dragging a “war”.

The 2 nukes

I got angry not once but twice. I went full blown in a post u/Destroyerofeps make where he made up that Ellie killed Charles. In that I got angry a posted a brutal I yelled everything about u/Destroyerofeps where I was furious. I said to him stuff I have already explain here but some extra stuff included,
Most of the reasons you hate Ellie were for reasons you made up, is like hating on your ex because s/he cheated on you in your dreams. It was never funny and it is always fucking bullshit. Besides Jacked Hughman did kill Charles or at least attempted to kill Henry.
Is like if you created a country named Destoyerofepstan and you have attacked France to try to force people to visit your country and they don't so you commit crimes while hurting their citizens then France deports you and makes sure you never go to the country again then you attack Germany so they also deport you. Then you attack Sweden then they will deport you. Is only when you are banned from every other country in the world or you die you will stop.
To explain the 1st one it was about how Ellie didn’t actually kill Charles. To explain the second one u/Destroyerofeps said something like that even if he is banned from HenryStickmin he will attack other subreddits. The other time was when he kept implying that burritos will kill all humans. He said that there will be some sort of Burrito revolution, I don’t know where he got that idea from, I think is something to do with his subreddit considering one of the rules in SCRUNTRIGHTS
do not be a burrito in disguise
Undercover burritos will be dealt with heavy-handedly. We do not tolerate burritos. No exceptions. If you suspect a member is secretly a burrito, please notify the stasi-I mean, moderators.
So obviously no one in HenryStickmin was interested in the burritos revolution. In the post u/Destroyerofeps kept saying a Burrito revolution. I kept saying the Burritos are immobile meaning they can't move by themselves. A long argument lasted until I eventually blew up again.
Oh so if I push a chair does that mean it can move by it self. The wind it push the trees so the trees move by it self. I threw a pillow with 60 Newtons does that mean it can move by it self. I placed a bowling bowling ball in a mountain and if rolling down due to gravity so this mean they can move by them selves right? Wrong! I can walking due to my own joins and my muscles. The bowling ball, chair, tree, and pillow are being moved by an force that doesn't make up them. If I put them in space by themselves and put it still they would stay still be cause there is NO force moving them.
"Newton's first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. This is normally taken as the definition of inertia. ... If that velocity is zero, then the object remains at rest."'s%20first%20law%20states%20that,as%20the%20definition%20of%20inertia.&text=If%20that%20velocity%20is%20zero%2C%20then%20the%20object%20remains%20at%20rest
I can't, I just can't. Now you are just rejecting SCIENCE like a Karen. "Vaccines cause Autism", "The Earth is Flat", "5G cause Coronavirus", "Masks are an infringement on my rights", and now "Burritos has limb and are have mobility". Fuck you. I am tired of this conversation because you have and IQ of negative 95.
This explanation of the Burrito revolution happening is and I kid you not this is an actual quote
If the burrito Revolution wasn't real why would I spend over $10,000 on a bunker to protect myself food games and drinks for the bunker consoles for the games of TV for the consoles and a nice bed
Why is he on reddit? Why? Now before anyone says this is satire this is 2 actual quotes from u/Destroyerofeps. He posts so much he doesn’t seem satire anymore anyways.
To everyone saying that it's satire I'm the person who said the burrito Revolution is true cuz it is please be more aware and help us stop the burrito Revolution
Lmao he was joking
That guy is me
I am not burritos will take over the world
Asked u/Destroyerofeps if his is satire and he already answered it.

Two Red Flags

Apart from Ellie hate the No.1 thing Destroyerofeps posts is burritos revolution is gonna happen and he says it time and time again and in not for a light heart fashion considering how much he had harassed people before and how little HenryStickmin were interested in the there was no room for forgiveness. It got worse when he showed 2 really, really, really bad Red Flags. It started when u/Destoyerofeps challenged u/Ultravandal1423 who is someone who has been really involved in going against u/Destroyerofeps. u/Destroyerofeps challenged through DMS then u/Ultravandal1423 in a game then u/Ultravandal1423 chose a game then u/Destroyerofeps rejected the game Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is hypocritical considering he literally acted like he won against u/EllieRose_real. u/Ultravandal1423 took screenshot of the DMs and the comments were quite a Red Flag.
He called you a pussy yet is scared when you gave him a game. That's why Ellie didn't play because it's BS.
I will drop kick you right now if you want we can go do you want to die
That threat was made before I had launched the first “nuke”. So then that red flag was major, but I wasn’t sure if he meant to threaten so I then decided to make sure that was what he wanted to do.
Are you threatening me?
Are you actually fucking serious?
That comment was said in a post with the threat screenshot. The screenshot was taken between the first nuke and the second nuke. Besides, one threat had another major red flag, maybe worse. u/Destroyerofeps went to TheMonkeysPaw and in this post he wished that the burrito revolution will happen.
I wish for the burrito Revolution to happen
Burritos try to kill all the humans but I live because of my bunker then five years in which humans nuke burritos killing 90% of the humans and all the burritos then I rise from the bunker and start anew
No matter which way I look at I see this as a red flag. Especially since he wished for 7 Billion people to die, just for some stupid burrito revolution. While that could be seen as a joke, the amount of times he said this it is just really bad. A screenshot was taken and both the post and the screenshot came after the 2nd nuke so all of that was in such a close period of time. So this is a lot of wrongs so I won’t forgive this. Considering these quotes u/Destroyerofeps hypocritical.
Granted. The burritos come to life but only hunger for total jerk-minded assholes who want 90% of the population to die, and so only you get eaten and the world lives in harmony with the burritos the end fuck off
Fuck off you coward ass bitch Keep that shit in henrystickmin
If EllieRose_real should keep that in HenryStickmin then u/Destroyerofeps should of keep his “Burrito Revolution” in SCRUNTRIGHTS or a new subreddit he made called theburritoRevolution which has an impressive 3 members.
You truly are the lowest scum in history.
But is he thought, is he the worst person ever? Well let's find out.

At least some sort of human decency.

As much as a douchebag u/Destroyerofeps as in Yin Yang there is some good in bad.
To go back I have been seeing some very racist posts in HenryStickmin u/Destroyerofeps have been accused for being racist, in making an account and saying racist things. u/Destroyerofeps explained that wasn’t true and that he doesn’t condone racism and if fact he is against it. I knew that wasn't true from the start and I knew that redditor was brand new and gotten deleted in less than 24 hours, not once but twice (what it is with groups of 2). Both racist accounts who got deleted were u/SubwaySubhuman and u/SupremeSubhuman. Both accounts were created and deleted in the same day. This is a racist who doesn’t learn. The accounts came minutes after the screenshot of u/Destroyerofeps in TheMonkeysPaw so a quick switch in objection was taken place. Some of the most racist behaviors came here with some of the most racist comments put in place. Many were removed by the moderator, and it was shocking to see moderator action from u/Steamierzebra8, because of how inactive he is, or maybe it was reddit itself. Some of the most racist behavior was the post linked it self
u/mattgasm is nothing but a hateful troll, he insulted me on my posts for no reason. he is also a left-wing SJW. can ya'll please report him?
That was a lie because u/SubwaySubhuman’s awful post is what started it and u/Mattgasm was in response to the racist thing said so it wasn’t for no reason. If anyone was hateful it was u/SubwaySubhuman
White people being good people and killing n------
That was an extremely racist post and he was basically promoting violence against black people which is wrong. Some more examples of his racist behavior was in this conversation.
Please hang yourself
First of all, how dare you call me a n-----, thats projection. second of all, take your own advice, you marxist ape. third of all, i am white so i can't be hanged and fourth of all, i VALUE my life and am grateful to be a white cis male. fuck you f-----, your comment is EXTREMELY FLAWED as i found 4 flaws in it.
u/SubwaySubhuman (WTF this belongs in insanepeoplefacebook)
  1. I didn't call you a 'n-----'
  2. No 💖
  3. Your race doesn't change the fact that a rope can kill you. **white males** hang themselves all the time, I'd suggest you follow in their footsteps
  4. I'm sure MILLIONS of other cis white males hate the exact type of racism you're promoting
Please just stop, this isn't helping anyone.
Now you understand how bad u/SubwaySubhuman proves to be so he deserves to backlash from u/Mattgasm.
The dude is 28 minutes old and has a Peter Griffin profile picture. You can tell he ate sand as a kid as is a failure to the world that got his brain off Craigslist and even then he got scammed.
Shut the fuck up, kid. Go cry someone else. Nobody loves you here or in general.
Reported. Get off the internet racist pig.
u/SubwaySubhuman asked people to report u/Mattgasm for that. u/SubwaySubhuman said racist garbage. So I then decided to tell people what he did in the post where he wanted people to cancel u/Mattgasm.
You said the N-word and called them retarded. u/mattgasm was saying that you are a racist. Destroyerofeps was harassing. George Floyd's death was 4 months ago not 170 years ago. Sure it's been a long time but even after all that there is still racism.
He was probably referring to how black peoples were treated poorly during the mid 1800’s but that doesn’t excuse his racist actions! Ban u/SubwaySubhuman instead
Yeah they were. He think there still isn't racism. Is not as bad as back then, but I refuse to say the N-word. Racist peice of shit.
This is some really really trashy behavior from u/SubwaySubhuman. Some of the worst comments was,
quit being egotistical. if you were smart you would have been hating blacks. but no! you're defending an ENDANGERED SPECIES!!!
By that you could tell he didn’t even view black people as humans. He was really bad that even u/Destroyerofeps thought his actions were too far, and I agreed with u/Destroyerofeps in a rare occasion. u/Destroyerofeps and I agreed in this conversation.
He tortured his subreddit. At least destroyerofeps hated everyone equally.
I agree
Now in a conversation with the newer account u/SupremeSubhuman but the comment got deleted but u/Destroyerofeps and I said to u/SupremeSubhuman,
Yeah maybe you're shittier than me
I rarely agree with Destroyerofeps but even I think he is better than you, and I am the founder of u/Destroyerofeps (meant to say fuckdestroyerofeps).
Just like his previous account u/SupremeSubhuman wanted u/Mattgasm banned with I responded
“in addition, he and his toxic knights are harassing me for no reason and being fat n------ towards me and i haven't done anything wrong to them.”
The only toxic one is you. By The Way you can't say he is harassing you then say fat n------ in the same sentence.
The explosion happened when he said racist things to Marvelous Nakamba. A guy who had racist chant thrown at him by his own fans, so I exploded and screamed,
Anyways now both accounts are banned he doesn’t learn from his past accounts that racism shouldn’t be condemned, and I could of added much more quotes but this section is already far too long. It showed that u/Destroyerofeps is not all bad and hates racism, and worst of all he said all of that in HenryStickmin, a non-political site. Now despite how bad u/Destroyerofeps is there are still worse people out there.

The alleged 2nd account

As much as u/Destroyerofeps proved himself to not be all bad by going against racism. However that doesn’t mean he was 100% off the hook. There is a theory about a second account. There had been an account named u/CommunismStan who is presumed to be an alt account for u/Destroyerofeps however is not confirmed. However the post made, was deleted so I won’t say everything word for word despite having a screenshot (no I will not give you the link to the screenshot). ‘I made an account just to tell you that u/Destroyerofeps is a good guy because he hates Ellie, and he should be respected for that here. Here should be an Ellie-Free Zone and fuckdestroyerofeps is bad’. There are responses that described it best.
Make this an Ellie free zone? WTF! She is a character in the series and Destroyerofeps is annoying and he harassed a redditor just for having Ellie in her profile. Stop acting like he is the victim. Destroyerofeps harassed us. He got cocky and then got the subreddit and he acted like an asshole. Self promote his subreddit which failed. He keeps saying ohh... you disagree with me, I challenge you on XBOX. He also gave a BS excuse to hate Ellie. Do STFU!
Well, people can have their opinions. But sometimes people are jerks about it. (This might get me a lot of hate) Destroyerofeps has harassed AND insulted people for liking Ellie. He doesn't have to do that to express his opinion!
These were 2 responses with u/EmojiGirl7409 having a better response. Now u/CommunistStan only agreed because of Ellie hate, but it seems like a lot of other things said was bad.
Argumentattive? AN ARGUMENT? LOL YOU REALLY HAVE NO LIFE. Arguing why you hate somebody who's just a troll lollll
If you aren't arguing then why did you reply to not just me but everyone else.
For my pleasure, die
That was to u/ShadowJ1473. In this post u/Destroyerofeps threaten once again, jesus that’s another red flag, a 3rd one. How bad can he get?
If you don't shut the fuck up I will come to your house and rip your arms off
Anyways u/CommunismStan had another post but deleted it, and never posted in any Henry Stickmin related sub nor talked about u/Destroyerofeps publicly again. So if it seems like maybe the second account theory is false but is still out there. However u/Destroyerofeps never stop posting Ellie hate and Burritos Revolution. So something had to be done.

HenryStickmin2 and EllieFreeZone

2 new subreddits were made for similar goals but different ways to complete the solution. There is EllieFreeZone made by u/Yeet_boi69endme and HenryStickmin2 made by u/Ultravandal1423. Let’s start by looking at EllieFreeZone first. u/Destroyerofeps was trying to stop making Ellie hate for a couple of days, and he complained that he couldn’t post it.
I am in pain from not posting ellie hate
With this response and with u/Destroyerofeps wanting to post Ellie Rose hate all the time u/Yeet_boi69endme thought of this genius idea which was to create a subreddit to keep u/Destroyerofeps away from HenryStickmin safe from u/Destroyerofeps, and this was a subreddit was made 2 hours after the u/CommunismStan was made.
If you hate Ellie just go to EllieFreeZone
Now with u/Destroyerofeps finally getting out of HenryStickmin it seemed like everyone was gonna be safe and I would finally find inner peace, unfortunately u/Destroyerofeps gave a massive bombshell that shattered our hearts.
Now you can get off henrystickmin
I only made this subreddit to get Destroyerofeps off of henrystickmin
I'm still going to be there
until this has to say 1000 members
Now this means that u/Destroyerofeps would stay in HenryStickmin when everyone had enough of this guy especially since EllieFreeZone only has 5 members. And to make thing worse, in an unfortunate turn of events u/Yeet_boi69endme had been accused of being a u/Destroyerofeps supporter by u/Dyms420 in this post. u/Yeet_boi69endme had to explain to u/Dyms420 why he made EllieFreeZone and u/Dyms420 publicly apologised. So with obviously u/Destroyerofeps not leaving HenryStickmin alone, nor looking like he will stop posting Ellie hate there had to be another way. I had enough of u/Destroyerofeps, I even made this analogy.
This guy acts like he can't stop smoking for 7 days.
So I decided to take matters into my own hands and asked a question in a post an hour after EllieFreeZone was made, to create a new Henry Stickmin subreddit without u/Destroyerofeps. Unknowingly a subreddit was already made by u/Ultravandal1423 called HenryStickmin2. That subreddit was unknown and created a week before the post.
HenryStickmin2 was created after the 2nd “nuke” but before the 2nd red flag. So two “nukes”, 2 red flags including 2 screenshots, a racist guy, and HenryStickmin2 foundation all happened between September 9, 2020 and September 17, 2020.
But HenryStickmin2 blew in popularity after that comment, going from 1 member to 72 members. HenryStickmin2 was then advertised to keep people safe from u/Destroyerofeps, unlike SCRUNTRIGHTS who was advertised to save the subreddit. I eventually became moderator of HenryStickmin2 and so did u/EllieRose_real while u/Steamierzebra8 is the only moderator in HenryStickmin. u/Destroyerofeps continue to harass people from HenryStickmin, so what next?

What next?

A post made by u/a-kid-who-likes-art inspired me to make this entire thing all of it and just to tell about u/Destroyerofeps. I am having to write all this, in a Google Doc (I am not giving you that link). Ever since there have been some changes. For starters another “nuke” from someone else came a few hours before form the u/a-kid-who-likes-art came.
Well you ain't gonna gain karma by just by repeating the same FUCKING point a dozen times.
You hate Ellie Rose and want her killed so badly it's the only thing you wish for in the Monkey's Paw sub.
You think that burritos are gonna evolve and wage war, despite the fact that by the time a burritos is made, most of their ingredients, the meat, veggies, cheese, and tortilla, are no longer alive, and thus pose no threat in the slightest.
You wanted people to follow your stupid Scunt sub as a means to get attention, and you ended up closing it when that failed.
You have repeatedly stated that you were gonna retire from your account, only to change your mind.
The main things that people on both this subreddit and others remember you for is your overly repetitive hate boner towards things, and your reactions always help support that view. Should you ever actually go through with ending this account and starting a new one, one slip-up can lead to people figuring out who you are, and everyone will just come after you just like before. The only way you can ever move past all the hate is if you just stop with all the complaining, move past it, and talk about other things.
Man that was good. Then a gigantic quick summary of u/Destroyerofeps.
Let me reword this to be more accurate.
Who will win? A character that is very respected and has a tough character and determined to complete her goal. Or a guy who has no life, whines a lot, professional asshole, with less orginality than Morgz, is scared on a piece of food killing you and is not because they have poison. Had harassed a redditor because she had Ellie in her profile, literally threatened someone even though you don't even know where that guy is (we know which city you are in because you told us what it is [By the way you should be fined]), someone who can't keep a promise, an addict, overall an annoying person who makes the worst excuses in the world, a hypocrite, and someone who is so hated that a subreddit was literally made just to have a safe place from your posts. Really awful. Ellie will easily win.
Considering you used to have that character in your profile we all know that guy is YOU!
There was an entire video was made for Destroyerofeps by u/Amtrak_f40ph. Now one part of the video is wanting u/Destroyerofeps to die which I don’t condone (and a red flag) but everything else is good. Finally u/Destroyerofeps showed showed some really, really bad behavior, in this post. With 2 quotes that destroys him in different ways.
Hypocrite. That is coming from a guy who always post Ellie hate despite being a very like able character. Not only is that opinion unpopular you were being a douche bag about it. You are wrong, hypocritical, and overall just a piece of shit. If you want others to stop being unpopular, then you should start yourself. Also look everyone else also said the Burrito revolution will happen while you gave no factual evidence. So I suggest there will be no more "Ellie hate" nor "Burrito Revolution" ever again.
I agree with absolutely none of this. People are allowed to have their own opinions without having to fear that people will judge them or make fun of them. The whole concept of an opinion is the belief/thoughts each individual person has with no definitive answer. Therefor, someone's opinion, while sure, isn't right, isn't wrong, either. It's just what they think.
Under this same scenario, is it "wrong" to think The Henry Stickmin Collection is a good game because only a fraction of people know about it? Is it "wrong" to ask this question? I need to put quotation marks because I don't think I'm in the wrong for saying my personal opinion.
Sure, people can disagree with other's opinions, and there's nothing we can do about that. I disagree with some opinions as well. As soon as you think people are "lesser" or "wrong" because of it, that's an issue.
My point is, there's no such thing as the correct or incorrect answer for an opinion, it's just a thought! While I don't wish to go to war with this and constantly have to reply to each comment this receives (Hint, hint. I won't, don't expect one.) because I'm not trying to achieve that, I will say right now that I don't agree with the idea that opinions are supposed to have definitive answers based on other people's opinions.
Anyways that’s all from me and this long, long thing I had to write. I hope you had enjoyed this entire story on me and u/Destroyerofeps, if you learned something new about this entire crazy story then I am glad you find out about u/Destroyerofeps. There was more I could have added. Thank you to everyone who has give me support, and fuck you u/Destroyerofeps, and u/SubwaySubhuman.
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2020.09.28 04:17 Cmoloughlin2 AAC Uni Tracker Week 2 and 3: The Boys Do Not Do to Much

Hello and welcome back to the AAC uni tracker, this week, less than half of the AAC scheduled games were played a couple weeks ago so we are doing the second and third weekends today. Anyway we will see USF and Tulane twice
Music for today

Week 2:
The Citadel (White/White/Grey) vs. USF (Gold/Green/Green)
The Citadel is a team I feel many people are weirdly familiar with. They have played a few of the big time southern teams the last few years including Alabama and Clemson. Honestly their uniforms aren’t that bad. It is very simple but Carolina blue and white always play nice. I just wish the numbers were outlined in their grey or navy blue. That grey is also pretty okay looking, especially on the face mask. A very generic but inoffensive look with some nice colors. One really. Weird little detail is the helmet had no block C, no idea why.
So when you decide to play week 1 against the resident FCS triple option academy team Its a good idea to not make mistakes, don’t be like Tech. Well USF mad less mistakes, catching a 0 yard punt return for a touchdown and pulling out their best helmet for their current set. After not wearing these lids last year for basically no reason they brought them out for their first games. The roads are still better but the metallic gold numbers look way less unfortunate under a golden hat. USF’s jerseys still have the same problems but these helmets make this look work.
USF wins game one vs the triple option 27-6

Tulane (White/White/White) vs. USA (White/Red/White)
Tulane is back and as beautiful as ever. I love their storm trooper unis and though these may not be the best helmet to wear with all white —I mean the all white big wave is so nice— the classic white lid works really well. Green as a secondary color is nice as always and light blue does a great job framing the numbers and adding something special to the helmets. Tulane is just oh so good.
USA came out looking more like Canada, the blue was just very minimal. Now canada isn’t ugly, the red masks, stripes, and logo on the helmet are nice, the logo and stripe both being outlined by a small blue line. The red jersey were also pretty good despite being simple the nice looking helmets and stylized font made this a very solid look for the losing FUN BELT team.

Week 3:
USF (White/White/White) vs. Notre Dame (Gold/Blue/Gold)
Well USF was on the road so they automatically looked better. The Road whites have long since been the better choice and the helmet paired with them does nothing but confirm this. The metallic green masks look nice against the white helmet and the the white U outlined in green is very minimal but goes well with the face masks. This white and green look is very nice and highlights the best parts of USF’s mediocre uniform set.
Notre Dame wore Notre Dame style uniforms. Truly inspiring when a team wears the same thing they’ve worn for 100 years. The shiny gold was as usuals fine and the grey masks are really nice. Other than that this is just a solid traditional uniform. This did well with the more modern USF look.
Notre Dame rolls 52-0

Tulsa (Gold/White/Blue) vs. OSU (White/Orange/White)
These teams played last year and wore uniforms that were exactly the same except this time each switched their pants and jersey color. Now tulsa has several nice uniforms but the classic gold helmets are always a nice look. They may be simple but the blue script and masks work on the gold field and in combination with blue numbers and blue pants this makes a nice look for the Golden ‘Canes.
OSU went with their best look. Keeping their unis bright and stayed away from the bad looking helmets. The full size Pistol Pete on the side of the white helmet looked really good with the white numbers and pants. The set is still very busy but here the Cowboys were able to make the best of it. Also the classic helmet stripe is really nice.
OSU wins 16-7

Austin Peay (White/Black/White) vs. Cincy (White/White/White)
Due to an equipment issue the Governors had to wear their Black jerseys on the road. They were pretty solid, the oversized white and red sleeve stripe in combination with the white hats and pants were pretty good. One problem is the three red stripes on the pants just looked out of place but that being said still an okay look.
Oh no poor Cincy had to wear their white jerseys in a day game against an FCS team. Seriously why was this such a big deal. Yeah I guess the black would be better at home but the Bearcats were never gonna wear all black and they probably weren’t going to wear their red or black helmets so honestly, I do not care. The all white look may not be Cincinnati's best but they are still very good. Also the stripe on the pants is often overlooked but it is a really nice detail.
Cincy wins

Navy (Gold/White/Gold) vs. Tulane (White/Green/White)
This is the naval academy’s worst look. The gold pants and white jerseys just don’t work as well with the navy and gold stripes. That being said it isn’t a horrible look. Definitely boring but not horrible.
Tulane came out with their green and white look and it worked as always. The green masks are really nice and the powder blue also adds a nice touch on the helmet and sleeve stripes as well as around the numbers. The angry wave is always beautiful and with the most basic look for the Green Wave it was no different. Also Tulane has a new field with great powder blue end zones however I wish they kept the two tone turf. The Wave and powder blue still look oh so nice on the field.
Navy comes back 27-24

UCF (Gold/Grey/Grey) vs. Georgia Tech (White/White/White)
UCF came out with a pretty okay choice for a color road game. Their dark greys are really solid, the white numbers and black outline is very simple and with the plain gold helmet with gold logo make a very un-spectacular set. Now that being said these are still a good choice. This is UCF going safe, predictable, but effective.
The Ramblin’ Wreck came out in all white at home and it really worked. Both of GT’s main helmets are nice and the White Jersey with gold numbers just looks really sleek. This look is uniquely gold and white dominated, compared to other gold and blue teams, and it worked. The gold stripes and type looks great and still stands out well. Also the Navy Blue being used as an outline and smaller companion stripe helped to keep this look practical and also added a nice bit of support for the gold.
UCF rolls 49-21

SMU (White/Blue/White) vs. North Texas (White/White/White)
SMU could not wear their Dallas uniforms in-state as north texas wanted to go stormtrooper themselves. Disappointing and showing exactly why they should get a second colored Dallas look. Now to be fair the blues are still real nice and the classic red mustang on the helmet with the blue jerseys is always nice to see.
North Texas rolled out an alternate uniform that was honestly goo enough to make up for SMU missing their Dallas uniforms. Inspired by the Fry era the kelly and dark green played nicely and the classic logo and simple numbers looked great in those colors. The grey masks added a little bit extra and made this a classic and clean look for North Texas University.
SMU wins 65-35

So that will do it for weeks 2 and 3. I was originally going to do these separately but after only 2 games in week 2 I decided just to combine them. Nothing crazy these weeks as most teams went with an already often used look and the Only one that wasn’t used in the last 2 years was USF’s metallic gold helmets in week 2. Sorry about this being late, I had a few things I needed to get done. Week 4 should be out by Wednesday. Credit to u/CockADoodleBOOM
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2020.09.28 04:16 MediocreTruth49 Which one of the Advance Wars quadrilogy's characters actually is the most ridiculously blatant stereotype/trope caricature out of all of them?

Just to name some especially obvious contenders:
Kanbei (Japanese Warrior, overlapping with Obnoxious Asian Douchebag in AW1): Wears an actual samurai suit in the Japanese version of AW1, has a theme song that is about as stereotypically Asian as music gets, is so obsessed with his military-commanding career that he often forgets where his own socks are, has lines such as "Come back when you've matured some! Say, in ten years!!!" and "I shall deploy a MOUNTAIN of troops", brutally attacks Orange Star (in other words, the United States military) just because it sets foot on his land during the events of AW1, carries his katana in numerous battles that he absolutely does not need it for, wears a superhero cape, produces abnormally expensive "elite" units, is extremely patriotic and egotistical (especially in AW1, in which his "military pride" causes him to almost-completely forget to make any actually good strategic decisions most of the time), etc
Sturm (Card-Carrying Villain / Aliens Are Bastards): Is an alien (cyborg?) who quite-literally loves invasions and hates peace, constantly calls other people "worms" and "fools", has quite-easily the most destructive CO power in the series (with Tabitha's Firestorm being its only real competitor), looks and acts like a fusion of M. Bison and Darth Vader, is the leader of Black Hole, attempts to destroy his enemies using a giant "death" laser (and then blow up the entire planet that said enemies live on) at the end of AW2, wears both a stereotypical dictator hat and an extremely stereotypical supervillain cape/cloak, has a theme song that has "I am evil" written absolutely all over itself, etc
Olaf (Overly Manly Russian Man, overlapping with Fat Bastard, Evil Dictator and Fat Idiot in AW1): Appears to be rather-excessively fat and has a comically massive Santa beard that barely even half of his face isn't completely covered by, often acts incredibly grouchy and menacing, has quite-easily the most stereotypical "evil dictator" theme song in the series (not counting those of Hawke and Von Bolt, at least), loves snow so much that he actually is able to create it using his CO Powers, is extremely patriotic and egotistical (especially in AW1, in which his "military pride" causes him to completely forget to make any actually good strategic decisions most of the time), etc
Andy (US American Redneck/Hillbilly): Constantly forgets what things are, is extremely obsessed with repairing vehicles, makes numerous comments about how much he loves attacking his opponents (especially when said opponents are foreigners), has a theme song that almost-perfectly describes Texas, has the (nick)name "Andy", immediately wants to throw a chicken-wing-eating party after beating Flak in AW2's "Test Of Time" mission, etc
Flak (Dumb Muscle): Has one of the biggest chins since Eustace Bagge's, looks (and often acts) like a literal caveman, has CO Powers that are called "Brute Force" and "Barbaric Blow", is a completely unskilled and talentless Joke Character whose only real purpose is making whoever is controlling him easier to beat, wants to conquer Orange Star because it has "two women COs", etc
Von Bolt (Evil Old Folks): Honestly, how much more evil do old folks get?
Kindle (Rich Bitch): Again, do I really even need to explain this one?
Koal (Obnoxious Asian Douchebag / Asian Earth Polluter): Proudly becomes one of Von Bolt's "polluting the entire world to death for his own personal gain" assistants (and even openly states that he doesn't give a rat's arse about how utterly immoral he is being by doing so), has lines such as "this land will become as devoid of beauty as your face" and "I laugh only out of sheer boredom with the fools populating this inane continent", gets a road-rage-induced firepower boost whenever his units are on roads, is an immensely arrogant hypocrite, looks like a kabuki actor, has yet another incredibly-stereotypically Asian-sounding theme song, is (nick)named after one of the most air-polluting things in existence, etc
Brenner (US American Superhero): Seriously, everything about this character absolutely screams "AMERICA; FUCK YEAH" (his theme song that even is called "Hope Never Dies" in his game's USA version, his "where there's life, there's hope" belief, his soldier uniform, his extremely masculine personality and appearance, his general "pure goodness", the fact that the Rubinelle Armed Forces that he commands have a courage-symbolizing wolf as their mascot, his seemingly never-ending war against terrorism, etc)
Waylon (Obnoxious US American Douchebag / Jerk Jock): Is the complete opposite of Brenner in nearly every way (despite looking like a more attractive version of him), is so cowardly and selfish that he doesn't even see any problems with abandoning his own heavily wounded men as long as doing so allows him to survive, wears a shirt that is decorated with a symbol that absolutely screams "America is dead, and people like me are what killed it", looks and acts like an evil version of Johnny Bravo, brags about how "he gets to eat all of the food that he could ever want while also hanging out with tons of chicks" while nearly everyone around him is suffering, etc
Greyfield (Evil Dictator): Looks (and acts) like a result of Hitler and Stalin being fused together
Caulder (Mad Scientist): Honestly, do scientists get any crazier than this one?
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2020.09.28 04:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Season 11: Episode 4- The Diamond Studded Ball Lip Sync

Sophie struts the runway in a look that looks as if she is dripping in jewels.
My name’s Sophie Srs… and this is Drag Race!
The Aspect of Wealth... how's it feel to be here, at the Ball?
"Let's hope no one decides to quit during the lip sync." Wealth winks.
Sophie laughs.
For this week’s Maxi Challenge, Our Monarchs have had a BALL in this week's maxi challenge, the Diamond Studded Ball. Now... May the best Monarch… win!
I've made some decisions...
Dame Gloria Devereaux, Robin Steele and Lola Scarlett... you are all... safe. But Robin... know that your belt was the clear Top Toot. The others... were decent for you.
Robin nods.
Dame Gloria: "I believe I truly had the skills to take this week. I'm... not the most pleased with these results."
Rita Buk... this week, you gave consistency... but didn't quite shine. You were... close to the Top 3.
Rita nods. "Thank you."
Rita Buk: "I feel... positive. But... I think I am floating a little. I want to get even higher. I know I can."
Melodrama... your makeup skills gave us authenticity, and you seemed... more in line with yourself this week. You're lucky... you've missed the bottom 3.
Melodrama gasps.
Melodrama: "I... did it! Wow."
You all may untuck backstage.
The Monarch's untuck backstage.
"To... Survival!" Melodrama raises her glass in the air.
Nobody cheers.
"I'll be quite honest..." Lola looks at Melodrama. "I am... surprised you didn't reach the bottom this week."
"Agreed." Robin nods.
"Yeah... I think you're great, Melodrama but... I thought the same." Rita shrugs.
"I think the judges made it clear, like... they loved my makeup." Melodrama smiles.
"I mean..." Robin whispers into Lola's ear. "That's not fair, right?"
"It's clear the judges are eating you up, dear." Gloria shrugs. "And I mean, it's worth noting. Charm is important."
"Well look at you..." Lola stands up. "All the time. Melodrama, here's a cute, personal discussion because I want to build you up. Melodrama, your makeup!" Lola gasps dramatically. "IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!"
"I mean..." Melodrama shrugs. "We can't hate because I look beautiful."
"HAH." Lola laughs. "Girl. You get allllll THE PRAISE IN THE WORLD! EVEN WHEN YOU'RE LOW! IT'S-"
"Calm down, dear." Gloria eyes Lola. "Stop acting like a child."
"I'm not acting like a child, it's just unfair that SHE GET'S.." Lola shrugs. "Whatever. I'm out." Lola walks out, and Robin follows.
"I mean..." Melodrama sighs. "It's like... what was I supposed to do? Say I want to be in the bottom?"
"Of course not." Rita shakes her head. "I don't necessarily agree but... Lola's gone too far."
"I think..." Gloria ponders. "Mr Steele... is exaggerating it."
"Really?" Rita looks confused. "I mean... I haven't noticed.."
"We all should watch out." Gloria sips her drink. "I feel as if... there's a knife... behind our backs... and he's getting ready to throw it."
You all represent the Tops... and the Bottoms of the Week.
Let's start with Fame.
"Oh, first of all." Wealth smiles. "Seeing a Black Drag Queen on the stage giving the CLEAR Top Toot for Rich Bitch Realness... seems perfect."
"I try." Fame laughs.
I think the best thing this week was your dedication to the theme. Everything was on point, fashionable, and worked together. Great job.
"Thank you." Fame nods.
Sally Bishop...
Sally waves.
Sally... I think you are an incredible, incredible artist. But... your looks bored me this week.
"Oh." Sally nods.
"I think the issue was there wasn't ENOUGH. I mean, we wanted to see outfits littered in stones, and you went simple."
"I thought simple would be a great variation from my usual style.
This was not the week to vary. It was the week to perfect... unfortunately. It didn't work.
Sally exhales.
Fraggot the... what is it this week?
"Rich. White. Woman." Fraggot shakes his breastplate. "Don't I look so sexy, huh? Make you wanna leave your stuck up wife for a real woman?"
Sophie and Wealth start laughing their butts off.
"I-" Wealth laughs. "I Just..." Wealth continues to be unable to talk.
I mean, Fraggot, you're hilarious, this week, your looks were hilarious, and so well styled and put together. As usual, amazing.
"Woohoo!" Fraggot grins.
Mary... Handy-Tuck.
Mary smiles awkwardly.
Mary.... ughhhhhhhh.....
"I was nervous this week." Mary exhales.
"I think you are phenomenal Monarch, Mary." Wealth smiles. "I live for you, you're hilarious. BUT. This week's looks... came off older than you are!"
"I see that." Mary nods.
It didn't work this week. I was like, 'Mary, NOOOOO' but it just... didn't work.
Vebera Ahida...
"Hello Hello Hello!" Vebera smiles.
This week...
"Oh, you scared the CRAP out of me." Vebera laughs.
I loved that each of your looks were consistently high quality. It was always one of the top 3, and that's why you're here. There was so much diversity and variation in style and... I just thought, wow. Every time you walked out.
"Thank you." Vebera smiles.
"You have a really interesting point of view, and you excite me. I can't wait to watch this season and see who YOU are." Wealth grins.
Finally... Tribeca.
Tribeca laughs.
"I think visually, you're stunning." Wealth looks at Tribeca.
"Thank you."
"BUT... you gave us three... similar looks." Wealth shrugs.
"I have a very specific style and brand, and I dedicate everything I deliver... with that in mind." Tribeca nods. "So... I was giving Tribeca in each respective context."
I TOTALLY get that. But... in this challenge... it came off as... 'Here's the same look in three colours.'
Tribeca sighs. "I.. didn't think it was that similar."
Unfortunately... it was. I think you have a whole box full of potential, Tribeca. We just need to see it.
Tribeca nods.
Now, while we deliberate... you may all untuck backstage.
Tribeca walks straight over to the station to prepare to lip sync.
"Someone's pressed.." Robin laughs.
"I feel bad for her." Mary sighs. "She's... more than capable."
"Agreed..." Sally exhales. "I... think all three of us..."
"God, either way this week is a loss." Rita sighs. "Maybe I'll go talk to her.."
Rita walks over to Tribeca, who's saying her words for the song. "Hey, wanted to..."
"I'm sorry Rita, I don't have the time to talk." Tribeca exhales. "I need to prepare to lip sync for my life. I will not be going home."
Rita Buk: "I'm a bit taken aback by Tribeca. She's... really... aggressive, almost? I... don't know."
Tribeca mouths her words.
"She... didn't want to talk." Rita sighs.
"Well, we give her space." Mary smiles.
"I just want to say..." Sally looks around. "The three of you have been a light here beyond compare. I thank each of you for giving me the opportunity to show my drag, and be... a source of support, and comfort."
"And I feel the same way." Mary smiles. "I am prepared for this lip sync, and I will give my all. But... it's been a tremendously valuable experience, regardless."
"I..." Rita tears up. "This is going to be hard."
"It will..." Sally nods. "But... everything happens for a reason."
"I..." Tribeca looks in the mirror. "Will... survive."
Robin eyes Tribeca... and smirks.
Meanwhile, Fame and Gloria sit together.
"I think... you did quite well this week." Gloria looks at Fame. "You should be proud of yourself."
"Thank you.." Fame smiles.
"Much better than the one with the arms and the clown." Gloria scoffs.
"You know Gloria... you don't need to bring others down... to make your points clear." Fame shrugs. "Just saying.."
"I'm just being truthful. We live in a society where everyone gets a participation trophy or is told being different is rewarded. I disagree..." Gloria shrugs. "It's ridiculous."
"To... you." Fame smirks. "Think on it."
Welcome back my Monarch's.
Fame... well done this week. You're safe.
Fame smiles. "Thank you."
Fraggot... keep doing you. We're loving it. You're safe.
Fraggot: "I wanted that third win... but there's still time."
Vebera Ahida, this week... you gave it to us, and we were eating Diamonds. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge.
Vebera Ahida grins. "Fantastic."
Vebera Ahida: "It feels phenomenal to win a ball. Wow. I won... the ball."
Sally Bishop, you're safe.
Sally Bishop: "Low two weeks in a row. Wow. This... is a clear sign, I need to step it up."
Unfortunately, that means Tribeca Sundance and Mary Handy-Tuck, you are up for eviction.
Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip sync performance to 'Fancy' by Iggy Azaela.
The time has come...
For you to lip sync. FOR YOU LIFE!
Good luck... and don't fuck it up!
Mary Handy-Tuck: "I feel hopeful and ready for this. I will muster all my power... and do my best."
Tribeca Sundance: "My Star hasn't reached it's heights yet. I want the crown, and I don't want to go yet."
Who wins?
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2020.09.28 03:58 iceman_917 21 [M4F] United States - Free Cookies (Pics Included)

Hey everyone 👋
Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about myself while you enjoy your cookie 🍪
First things first, I know people care about physical stuff. I'm 6'1", have black hair and brown eyes, and I have a pretty fair complexion. I'm honestly the biggest dork ever and once I get to know you I get real crackhead energy but if I don't know you I'm pretty shy. You can see me here.
As far as hobbies go, I love playing video games on PC, but I don't have much of a game I stick to. I'm all over the place but right now I've been playing a lot of league, csgo, ark, rust, siege, gta, rocket league, and a few others. It's definitely a plus if you play video games, but not a deal breaker at all. I know most females don't play video games and there's plenty of other stuff we could connect on. I'm a pretty big history buff and I love collecting antique firearms and war memorabilia. Politics, history, space and science are some of my favorite subjects. Be careful or I'll talk your ear off about any of them. I also enjoy any outdoor activity, watching movies, and watching youtube. Oh and memes. Lots of memes.
As far as what I'm doing right now, I'm in college trying to get a bachelors in cybersecurity.
A little side note, I struggle with some pretty bad anxiety and depression, so it would help if you understood that type of thing, but if not it's no big deal.
The biggest deal-breaker for me is personality. I'd really like a fun girl who isn't all too serious but I also want someone who can have one of those deep intellectual conversations late at night that blow our minds before we go to bed. Another thing I look for is someone who's caring. I'm a very caring guy and I would like my significant other to be just as caring because I think having a caring person is important in a relationship. As far as looks go, I dont really have a "type". That being said, I'm not going to say looks don't matter. I would really appreciate it if you would send a pic in your message. If you get to see me I'd love to see you! One last thing, I tend to click well with nerdier people. However, even if you don't hit every checkmark here I really do encourage you to please message me if you're interested.
If you want to know more about me just let me know! I'm an open book.
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2020.09.28 03:57 iceman_917 21 [M4F] United States - Free Cookies (Pics Included)

Hey everyone 👋
Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about myself while you enjoy your cookie 🍪
First things first, I know people care about physical stuff. I'm 6'1", have black hair and brown eyes, and I have a pretty fair complexion. I'm honestly the biggest dork ever and once I get to know you I get real crackhead energy but if I don't know you I'm pretty shy. You can see me here.
As far as hobbies go, I love playing video games on PC, but I don't have much of a game I stick to. I'm all over the place but right now I've been playing a lot of league, csgo, ark, rust, siege, gta, rocket league, and a few others. It's definitely a plus if you play video games, but not a deal breaker at all. I know most females don't play video games and there's plenty of other stuff we could connect on. I'm a pretty big history buff and I love collecting antique firearms and war memorabilia. Politics, history, space and science are some of my favorite subjects. Be careful or I'll talk your ear off about any of them. I also enjoy any outdoor activity, watching movies, and watching youtube. Oh and memes. Lots of memes.
As far as what I'm doing right now, I'm in college trying to get a bachelors in cybersecurity.
A little side note, I struggle with some pretty bad anxiety and depression, so it would help if you understood that type of thing, but if not it's no big deal.
The biggest deal-breaker for me is personality. I'd really like a fun girl who isn't all too serious but I also want someone who can have one of those deep intellectual conversations late at night that blow our minds before we go to bed. Another thing I look for is someone who's caring. I'm a very caring guy and I would like my significant other to be just as caring because I think having a caring person is important in a relationship. As far as looks go, I dont really have a "type". That being said, I'm not going to say looks don't matter. I would really appreciate it if you would send a pic in your message. If you get to see me I'd love to see you! One last thing, I tend to click well with nerdier people. However, even if you don't hit every checkmark here I really do encourage you to please message me if you're interested.
If you want to know more about me just let me know! I'm an open book.
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2020.09.28 03:43 randallfcooper An American in Hogwarts (Part 17)

Part 1 Previous Next

At dinner during the Saturday evening with the bird mishap, I told my friends how I was attacked and how I saw the silver jackalope, and how it healed me.
"Whoa," Bran uttered.
"Ever hear of it, Daphne?" Edna asked.
Daphne shook her head and stared at me. "It makes me want to read about it more. We really need to get to the library. We should go do that this week, along with looking at the book on Azkaban."
"Sounds good to me," I said.
"And Rollie!" Bran shouted. "For Pete's sake, stay away from the Forbidden Forest as best you can."
"I'll try," I smiled, and I meant it too. As much as I wanted to go out for a late-night walk, I convinced myself not to go.
On Monday, Daphne and I went to the Hogwarts Library together. It was my first time seeing the towering bookcases all lined up against the dark wooden walls. The chandeliers up above had such a soft glow I felt I could nap at one of the tables, especially since the room was so quiet for how large it was.
Daphne warned me to let her do all the talking before we walked ahead since she knew how to chat with the librarian.
"Hello, Madam Pince," Daphne said to the older looking woman sitting at the front desk.
She was in the middle of reading another book, finishing a passage before looking up at Daphne. "What do you need?" she said firmly.
"We would like to check out 'A History of Azkaban,' please."
"You are aware only fifth-years may check out that book."
"Yes, of course."
Madame Pince eyed Daphne and me like a hawk. "What do you want it for?"
"Research. Maybe we can find out if anything is happening in the Forbidden Forest. Just want to offer some help," Daphne bowed her head.
"Hmph. Stay here, I'll fetch it for you," Madam Pince stood up and stared up at the shelf behind her. She uttered some spell, and the book floated down from the top shelf. After giving the text a couple of stamps, she handed it over to Daphne. "Due in a week. Make sure no other young student gets their hands on it."
"We actually might return it right away. We're going to look at it here in the library for a bit."
"Just don't be too loud."
"Sure, and while I'm here, could I check out 'Even Rarer Fantastic Beasts,' please?"
"You can grab it on your way out."
"Thanks, Madam Pince."
Daphne carried the worn out, black tome to a table. The front had golden letters that read "History of Azkaban." Opening up the yellowed pages, she pulled out her wand and said, "Invenire Zane Thumblebatch!"
Her wand's tip glowed as the pages flipped to the back of the book, on a lengthy page of sentences titled, 'PROCESSING.' The wand pointed itself over the name Zane Thumblebatch in the text.
"Whoa," I leaned my head closer, and so did Daphne, she quietly read the text.
"Zane Thumblebatch was a noted processor for Azkaban, working with the Ministry of Magic and the prisoners in handling their paperwork for sentencing, communication, and information retrieval. A department head that was well-liked by all members of the Ministry and even the prisoners who had brief interactions with him."
Daphne's wand stopped glowing. "Sorry, Rollie, looks like that's all there is."
"No worries," I said. "Thank you for looking and using that spell. It still doesn't quite rule him out yet, though. What if, during those conversations with the other prisoners, he schemed the current land curse?"
"Definitely possible," Daphne shrugged.
"I wonder if I should look into this more."
"How so?"
"I don't know... I'll have to think about it."
As the next week started up, Professor Shacklebolt asked me to meet with him at the end of classes on Tuesday. I was worried it was about my grades or how I could improve my study habits being a new student in Hogwarts.
"Hi Professor Shacklebolt," I said, shuffling back in his class at the end of the day. He was sitting at his desk, and I approached him, just a couple yards away. "I think I know what this is about. I know I need to improve my marks, but it's been a little bit of a tough adjustment period."
"I'm aware that you could be doing better in class, but that's not actually why I wanted to see you. I had a conversation with our friendly groundskeeper, and he told me everything that happened on Saturday morning with that bird incident. Not to worry, you're not in trouble, but I wanted to let you know that you should tell me about these things when they happen. In fact, as the defense against the dark arts professor, I should be aware of any instances of dark magic. I was hoping you would tell me on Monday, but you didn't."
"Well, Hagrid told you, so I guess I don't see the big deal," I shrugged.
"Yes, but you weren't aware that Hagrid had that conversation with me. Anyways, I don't mean to parent you, but if anything like that happens again, please notify me."
I nodded. "Sorry about that, I guess I had some issues back at Huntshrow with trusting professors."
Professor Shacklebolt paused. "If there's ever anything you need to talk to me about, dark arts or otherwise, I'm here."
"Understand. Can I go now or--"
"I think it might be wise to start working on Patronuses. It's challenging magic, but I believe it will be in your best interest in particular. And please, don't worry about marks. Effort is what's most important. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses."
"Thank you, Professor."
Classes continued through the weeks, and I was still not showing any improvement with my marks. In Defense Against the Dark Arts, we began to take a deep dive into how to summon a Patronus, and the Professor worked with each of us solo as the rest of the class put together a list of our happiest moments we could think of.
My list had nothing, but I didn't feel so bad, because when I glanced over at Leon's paper, he had nothing. Professor Shacklebolt started at the front of the room, showing proper form and what to say, and tried coaching them to focus on the happiest moment, almost like a meditation.
He barely got to the back of the room when class finished up. Maybe I would have better luck next week.
I had been going to Quidditch practice every other day and usually heard the following at the end:
"I can't believe it, we might actually win!"
"We've been winless for years now, Rollie, do you believe that? Not anymore!"
"Gosh, seeing you weave through the sky! We might even beat Oliver and Gryffindor!"
To which I would reply, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still have to play our first game against Ravenclaw.
Daphne and Edna were great about not drawing extra attention to my abilities, they practiced as if I wasn't on the team, and that victory was never guaranteed. Daphne took charge and coached everyone on what they needed to work on, but she didn't say a word to me, other than after one practice, she pulled me aside away from everyone and said, "I'm really glad you tried out for the team."
The weekend of the first quidditch match with Gryffindor vs. Slytherin had arrived. On Friday, a big Hogsmeade outing was planned after classes, nearly all the students who were allowed to go went. I received a signed permission slip from my grandfather to go via Benson's trusty delivery.
When I walked with my friends towards Hogsmeade. I put on my denim jacket with the patches since we'd be outside of the castle grounds. Part of me worried that Bran, Edna, or Daphne would tell me to take it off, but they didn't. Instead, they were beaming with excitement just to be going.
"I can't wait for tomorrow! Gosh, this weekend is so great! Quidditch starts up, and I don't have to worry about us losing, and then we get to show Rollie Hogsmeade today!" Bran was smiling so hard I thought he was about to combust.
"Easy there," Daphne chuckled. "Always expect a winless Quidditch year."
"Hey, thanks for the confidence, captain," Edna rolled her eyes.
"No no no! That's not what I meant. As a fan, he should expect us to be terrible, you know, so he's not disappointed. It's just a lot of pressure to ask us to win after three years of losing," Daphne rose her voice in a panic. "Don't worry, I always expect my teammates to play to win!"
"I'm looking forward to it," I smirked, trying to ease the conversation's tension, and Daphne nodded.
Strolling into Hogsmeade, my face hurt from smiling.
"They don't have anything like this at Huntshrow?" Bran asked.
I shook my head. "We have a little getaway village, but it's only four buildings, and it's just for the school. This looks like it exists on its own. I'd love to spend more time here."
"We have to go to The Three Broomsticks and grab some butterbeer, you'll absolutely love it!" Bran beamed.
Other students dispersed all through Hogsmeade, but a decent portion of them headed straight towards The Three Broomsticks, just like us. The inn was filled to the brim with students and professors.
"I see a table!" Edna broke away from us and seized a small spot for four in the corner, tucked away from everyone else.
We cozied up next to each other, and the server came jogging around.
"Round of butterbeers!" Bran said before she was able to ask anything.
She smiled and strode back into the fray of patrons.
"So, what did all of you put as your happiest moment for Professor Shacklebolt's class?" Bran asked.
Edna elbowed him. "That's a pretty personal question!"
"Fine, we don't have to talk about it if nobody wants to. But I'll start first if anyone wants to chime in. My happiest moment so far in life was Hufflepuff winning the Quidditch Cup for the year!" Bran grinned.
"What are you talking about?" Edna said with a tone only an annoyed sibling could have. "That's never even happened."
"I know, but I just think to myself how happy I'll be once we finally win all of the glory!" Bran said.
"You really need to pick something else, like something that's actually happened," Edna said. "Something like the day you got sorted into Hufflepuff, like Mom and Dad. That's what I put for mine."
"Oh! That's a good one, I might steal that from you if that's okay?"
"Find your own!" Edna eye-rolled. "Unless that really is your happiest moment?"
"Hm. I'll put it on my list of things to consider."
"My happiest moment for sure was when I won that potions competition last summer, but I wasn't having any luck with summoning the Patronus."
"I think we'll get there, takes a lot of time and practice from what I've heard. I couldn't even think of anything to put down," I shrugged.
"Wait, really?" Daphne asked.
"Yeah, I don't know. The only thing I could really think of was when I got my first dog as a little kid, a German Shepherd named Lucky. But I was so young, that now, the thought of Lucky is immediately followed by his passing, which doesn't help with a Patronus, I'm sure you can imagine," I sighed.
Daphne put her and on my shoulder and rubbed it for a moment. "Sorry to hear about that, Rollie. I get what you mean. Even though I put down winning that potion competition as my happiest memory, I immediately think about if that really made me happy, or is it because it made my parents happy? It's tough."
The server swung by and dropped off the four butterbeers. They were frigid to the touch, and my friends raised their glasses.
"Cheers," they said.
I raised my glass and clinked it with theirs. We proceeded to take a drink.
"Now that I've known you guys for some time, I'd like to tell you a little more about my life back at Huntshrow and the US."
All of them set down their drinks, leaned closer, and stared at me wide-eyed.
"It's tough to find any joyful moments that really stand out. As you know, Huntshrow was difficult for me. Didn't have much in the way of friends, I felt like I was more of a callous person, and because of that, I probably had more enemies than anyone in the whole school.
"Even though I didn't have much to look forward to at school, it was better than being at home. Both of my parents are Squibs, and they moved to the US, away from their English families, because they had no interest in wizarding life. They wanted to be ordinary people, and having a kid wasn't something they planned... and it really showed growing up.
"They were almost always arguing, and I felt like I was the source of it all because I constantly got in trouble in the muggle schools for fighting and picking on others. When they saw that I had some wizarding ability, they couldn't send me away fast enough.
"I remember when I came back home from my first year, I wasn't really looking forward to it, but I had missed Lucky. As soon as I got back, my parents told me they were getting a divorce, and they didn't say this to me, but I overheard one of their conversations about who would have custody, and they each argued why the other one should take care of me. My dad said something like, 'What's the big deal anyway? You only have to see him for three-three..." My voice fell apart and I trembled.
Daphne put her hand on my shoulder while I chugged the rest of my butterbeer and stormed away from the table. I could feel the tears surging forward from the back of my eyes.
"Rollie, wait up!" I heard Daphne behind me, but I was already out the door, striding to any area I could be alone.
I was heading away from Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, towards a path with rolling hills on the horizon, but Professor Hawthorne strolled out of one of the pubs and made eye contact with me.
"Rollie," he said, scrunching his brow and tilting his head. "I don't think you're supposed to be wearing a denim jacket. It's a Hogwarts dress code violation."
"Cool," I blurted, anchoring my head to the ground, keeping my pace away from Hogsmeade.
I'm on Patreon! You can get the next three chapters by becoming a $3 patron. Thank you so much to those who've subscribed and those that keep reading. I'll continue to release at least a chapter a week, and you also get advance three-chapter access to my other story, Drac's Ascension (a continuation of The Piano Pact).
Join my mailing list and get the R-wing flair! I'll only email about book releases! :)
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2020.09.28 03:36 Bhavnarnia Road Bike N+1: All-City Zig Zag Ultegra vs BMC Teammachine SLR Three vs LOOK 795 Blade RS

Thank you for helping me with my choice!
TL;DR: How much will I notice the difference between high-performance steel and carbon? Am I shooting myself in the foot by going for a steel bike because I fell in love with the colourway? Are there any serious issues with the Zig Zag that I've overlooked?
Here are the requested details from the sidebar:
I have a cross/gravel bike (Kona Rove NRB) that I purchased as an all-rounder to help me figure out what type of riding I want to pursue. The NRB is fun and it's been great tool to build fitness, goof around, and even (poorly) attempt some cyclocross. After ~4500km and a season of indoor training, I would like a dedicated road bike.
Please help me choose one!
On the road bike spectrum from "endurance to performance/aero" I'm leaning more towards performance. I've narrowed my search based on availability and tracked down bikes in my area that I can swing a leg over and try! All choices have an Ultegra groupset and carbon tubeless wheelset. My timeline is tight because I want to test ride these before winter and place an order this week so I can have the bike for next season.
All-City Zig Zag Ultegra: this is the bike I'm most interested in.
BMC Teammachine SLR Three: bike I've read and heard a lot of good things about
LOOK 795 Blade RS: bike I've read and heard a few good things about
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David and Kevin as noms. So fuc king predictable. This is garbage. Thank God Love Island has been great this year.
g6wlie0 in BigBrother on 28 Sep 20 (12pts):
Wow Cody is a cocky fuck lol
g6wjx55 in BigBrother on 28 Sep 20 (12pts):
This is all smoke and mirrors. David and Kevin will get nominated and the streak of predictability will continue.
g6vkhqy in DenverBroncos on 27 Sep 20 (-13pts):
34-14 Bucs
g6vj4mx in nfl on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Yall saw Gruden on the sideline with his mask down? You can tell he's a Trump tard moron
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g6w7lgo in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Many employers mandate drug tests.
If I have to take a drug test, Slow Joe should.
g6w4bc0 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Biden also said last week 200 Americans have died from the virus, and he said earlier that 350 million Americans have been killed by guns
g6w403k in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
My daughter in law is a doctor and said this, yes
g6w3io8 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
I enjoy the silliness.
g6vjiql in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
I've noticed this, I would drive really safe as a teenager to save money while my mom was getting a speeding ticket about every 6 months because she didn't care about the ticket or insurance...
g6ubwr2 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Case study, Kamala Harris
g6u92cj in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
She wasn't ahead
g6u3rwb in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Focus on how neither party has good plans for labor. Both of them are rich fucks who have not done a real job in a long time, if ever.
Run on creating a 30 hour work week, mandatory telework option...
g6s6h5z in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
The American criminal justice system is terrible. Felons lose rights, have their name smeared through the mud making it impossible for them to get a job, etc. And then we wonder why there is high...
g6s53x6 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
But the states where it will be brutal are the hard blue states anyway.
g6s4qf9 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
The left hates intelligent black people. Joe Biden says you aren't black if you don't vote for him, etc. If Democrats stopped stretching every syllable Trump says and just listened to Biden they...
g6s4bct in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Biden is stuck in his basement. Sure he can easily win the blue states like California, New York, etc. But Democrats have forgotten that it helps to actually campaign in the Midwest. Just listen to...
g6s33a6 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
He's an entertainer
g6rmurw in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
It's almost like 20 years is a long time for change as a professional.
g6rfw4w in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
It's because Democrats have failed.
g6rfml1 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Not OP but i think the government should ration out free birth control We could lower abortion rates a lot I think
Will Catholics admit that contraception is obviously useful? Probably not.
g6rf968 in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
If someone is so mentally deranged that they want to do something like that, a piece of paper from the government isn't going to stop them.
g6rf3gc in AskTrumpSupporters on 27 Sep 20 (1pts):
Not OP but I wonder, does this mean 2A doesn't apply to female civilians or males outside of that age range?
g6qvsjw in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
We will start getting more "bombshell revalations" (AKA lies) Apparently she has 7 kids and she and her husband are both well known attorneys
g6qvmkc in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Scalia said she is good
g6qu6cc in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
A random guy on Facebook? No
g6qtbt3 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
What's the pandering, she seems like a fair choice
g6qszto in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
She seems very qualified and has had a lot of bipartisan support
Time to see how Democrats flip this.
g6qr64q in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Looks legit thank you
g6qpe8c in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
It's not just election day, we have the lame duck period too.
Time to pull a John Adams and do what needs to be done.
g6qp3em in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Not OP but it makes me laugh when they say that.
GEOTUS saves me money, it's that simple.
g6qosd0 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
What do you think about optimistic nihilism
g6qo5yq in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Everybody gets slandered by somebody. Not just politicians. But some people get it more than others
g6q8ube in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Basically it is what we already know. Some voter fraud happens, hasn't changed election outcomes though.
g6q8qwt in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
The volume on the video worked for me.
g6q67a9 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Send pics 🐶🐕‍🦺🐕🐩
g6q644x in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
What topics?
Here is calculus 1
Calculus 2
g6q5p3o in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Excluding this issue I mean.
g6q5kbf in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Why did you make a list of bad things?
g6puhkv in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
This kind of law is not my expertise to be honest
g6pu582 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
My issue is that the information in here isn't actually unique. If we got a unique story or a specific example, with a name attached to it, that would merit discussion. Even if it seemed maybe made...
g6ps007 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
I have nothing on him i just meant in general
g6pnigf in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
This is the best post i have ever seen in this subreddit, good job OP.
If China was the same size it is today but had a Canadian governance (no human rights abuses, no massive IP theft from the US,...
g6pk5d8 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Never seen this happen before.
g6pk0bo in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Neocons love war so much that they're willing to overlook Bush starting the worst financial crisis since before WW2 vs Trump creating jobs
g6pjl80 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Also to add onto this, Trump's opinion was as a businessman who didn't really need to know that much about the war, whereas Biden was in the government and should have known better.
g6pgmrz in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
So is your point basically, either it's a big enough bribe, or if he did it enough times it would be? So anything becomes an important bribe? That means if i give somebody a pen, that is basically a...
g6pg14m in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
This would basically him be giving free services to government I think it would be considered potentially bribery
g6pe536 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
I laughed when I heard about it.
g6pcb6t in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
One of the possible SC nominees.
Jesse Waters is the other one I can think of.
g6p94li in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Kafka trap
g6p93tx in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
g6owluc in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
My states garunteed red so I'll vote and that's about it
g6owing in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
Well he's done what a president can do.
g6ow9aa in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
People aren't confused though
g6or5gk in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (1pts):
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Not sure what that means.
g6ojn48 in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (0pts):
This is just a retelling of MSM opinions
g6o2ttz in AskTrumpSupporters on 26 Sep 20 (-7pts):
The mind of children is something special, they have very active imaginations. This sounds like something one of my grandkids would come up with
Also, Slate is fake news
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2020.09.28 02:29 DDKillermilkman Just ordered my first gaming pc to use with my quest! So excited!!

Bought a quest in May, fell in love with it but I wanted more games! So I finally Just ordered my first gaming pc off of amazon
CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel Core i5-9400F 2.9GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, WiFi Ready & Win 10 Home (GXiVR8060A8, Black)
Anyone Here running a GTX 1660 also? If not what GPU are you using and what games do you play on it?
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2020.09.28 02:17 PhillipRayne [Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10] - 9.5 Epsilon Upgrades

CoverStartPrevious[Next]( )
Keya had never been in Master’s workshop before. She sat on a workbench swinging her legs idly while listening to the music artef—, ‘meadia player’ in the corner.
Music from his world or worlds had initially sounded clamorous and all too quick for her ear: sounds layered upon sounds. Sometimes the goal was harmony others, discord, but they all did fill one’s being in one way or another, making one feel something and want to move.
Master flatly denied he was a dancer, but she watched him as he absently switched fluidly from one style to another while he worked.
In her world there was but one music, all else was noise, a few instruments, all else were toys, and a smattering of songs, all else were but limerick dalliances.
Compared to the liberated infinitude of his culture, she felt poverty-stricken. So she soaked up every second of it as if it were the last droplets of water in a desert.
Keya was out of sorts of late. It was partly… no, entirely Rilian’s fault. The goddess had disturbed her mind something fierce. That had now been tempered—marginally—with the revelation of her selfish deed.
Perhaps ‘selfish’ was not the right word. Ril’s act cost nothing on Keya’s part, and the details of what precisely had transpired remained rather abstract to her. She trusted Master’s moral compass though. Perhaps bent and distorted on the outside, it managed to point true in the maelstrom of happenings around her.
He had again taken the time to frame deeds beyond her ken in metaphors she could grasp. She loved him for that. Wait, ‘Love?’ That was a very strong word. She had… affection.
The very bodily attraction she experienced with Ster-sun, she could now distinguish from the deeper undercurrents of meaning she felt for Kel. Rilian’s was a hacked short-cut, a flamboyant beguilement of the senses.
Master’s had weight and significance, like a ballast of a ship stabilising her. He… cared. The advice to 'lean in' held true; up close the facade faltered and what truly mattered became apparent. That said—just as a precaution—she would gird herself around Ril; that woman could play her like a lute, and she was nowhere near the dancer Kel was.
The menace in question had been sent to petrify Shalen-sun. She was their ‘Sawbones’, or healer, after all. And the name’s rationale was demystified with the task assigned. She was to ‘awe-top-see’ the late Finger-sun. It involved ‘bone saws’, and that was as much information as she wanted to hear on the topic.
Just then, Ril pushed through the door. She saw Keya unoccupied on the bench but eschewed engagement for a guilt-ridden nod as she passed. Not even a wink? Contrition looked foreign on her exquisite features.
Jon showed no signs of acrimony; in fact, he had perceptibly lightened in mood since deducing her perfidy.
Upon Ril’s entry, he jumped, hiding that gods awful helm at his back.
“Doc, I don’t see you up to your shoulders in viscera what’s the hold-up!” said Master.
“Kel, I was kinda anticipating healing more than cutting up dead things.”
“It’s much easier with the engine off I assure you.”
“Yeah… you mentioned filling him with cotton and some preservation methods for slowing cell death and decay, plus loosening the joints. It kinda seems counterproductive. Do you wanna mummify him or not?” Jon had the blatant look of someone hiding something.
“Neither. Hop to, Bones. Blood for the blood god, skulls for my skull throne. Get it done!”
“Whatever,” dismissed Ster-sun. She placed a roll of parchment on Keya’s bench before turning back to the door, speaking as she left. “I think Seph likes the new earphones. When she wasn’t gawking, she managed to stutter a few words. Said ‘thanks’ for the underwear too.”
Jon sent a meaningful stare Keya’s way, and she arrantly stared back.
It might take philosophers and soothsayers a millennium to make rhyme or reason of a tenth of his lair. But clothes, even the blithest of peasants could understand.
He could thank her later, Shalen-sun would be more than satisfied. Hopefully, the sizes were right; she had bought a measure and researched the methods for measuring. It was a measly bit of know-how, but it was hers alone, curated and self-taught.
“What does the note say?” Jon called from where he was making chalk marks on the helm.
Keya broke the Elgelican seal. “‘Tis a land deed titled to ‘Kay Luren’. Some fallow farm area and old mill house a ways north of the river and Elgelica proper.”
“Fuck yes, thank you, Seph!” he raised a fist in the air.
“She mentions in postscript that humans cannot own land in Elgelica, as of yet. A sad state of affairs she will try remedy, but elves are nothing if not conservative.”
“Meh, it doesn’t matter. It’s not your real name anyway. Possession is always nine-tenths of the law. Once we’re on the land, they won’t want to, or be able to, get us off.”
“If you claim so, Master.” She put down the scroll. “That helm is for Ril is it not? Why not just give it to her?”
“Hmm? Oh, the helm? Coz, I’m not done with it yet. And her new magic juju has given me another bad idea.” It was vexing to sort Master’s definitions of good and bad. She wondered if he even knew.
“You said you needed my help, not that I mind sitting here. Your shop is quite interesting. Might I use it of my own accord for my bows and the like?”
“Yeah sure, just be careful. Safety first n’ all. Don’t use any machines I haven’t shown you yet. Speaking of bows, open those two boxes over there. Jon pointed to two slim brown crates housed in the flimsy wood they called ‘card-board.’ Kel asserted it was but paper, although that was impossible. For one, who would use so expensive a thing as paper so frivolously. For another, paper was supple like parchment, not rigid as this was. Her qualms with cardboard aside, the thought of new archery tools, rapidly raised her spirits.
Retrieving her stainless steel knife from her belt, she quickly sliced the containers open on their seals. She admired the blades’ completely uncorroded lustre before sheathing it once more. She could hardly wait to skin her first kill with it. It had been so long since she had hunted; a previously necessary vocation for sustenance but no longer.
She peeled the brown panels back to be confronted with yet another pair of bows: one recurve and one compound!
“Master! Why do you spoil me so? I truly have no need for another two artefact bows!” She ran up and hugged him regardless, before becoming abashed and pulling away.
“Good, then you owe me one, and I’ll hold you to that.” There was a mischievous smile displayed that briefly worried her, but the joy of the new masterpieces soon eclipsed it.
“You actually do need new bows, or more precisely you need magic spec bows. Keep the old ones on rift access anyway coz these ones are way above your draw strength without magic. I dunno if magic nullification is a thing world-side, but divers only exploit gimmicks, they don’t rely on them. Got it?”
They approached the bows. Keya barely listened as she lifted and appraised the art pieces, a dumb smile writ plain upon her cheeks.
“Master, what is this silver metal? The previous bows were black, but I sensed metal in them too. It is not steel or gods forbid silver, too light.”
“Had to get these babies custom made. Most of the aluminium is freshly machined, so it’s not anodised or painted like the other bows. Cool story, aluminium is one of the most common metals in nature, but you never get it pure. At one point it was more expensive than gold.”
“More expensive than GOLD! And you make whole bows out of it!”
“Technical advancement is a bitch like that. Aluminium is cheap these days, for us anyway. For your world, it’s practically impossible; the knowledge and tools required are simply beyond anyone’s capability.”
It was always like this! Why was it still like this? Just when she thought she had a grasp on the gorge between them, the gap widened.
Just how much did he know, how much did they know? How was such depth and breadth of knowledge possible? He was but a mere thirty and some years of age, not much older than her. Where did he have the time? How was such rapid learning possible?
“You’re doing that thing where I see the gears turning behind your eyes.”
“Forgive me, master; I believe my threshold of revelation is reaching its limit this day.”
“Oh, we ain’t done, but I’m mostly covering terms and conditions now, so you’ll manage.” He turned sombre to get her full attention. “Up until now, we were mainly faffing about, but the power in your blood is no joke. As you know, you’re able to use just under one horsepower in magic alone, and you can concentrate that: in a fist, a hand, or a finger. The magic doesn’t care what direction you face or whether you have leverage. No leverage…”
Master trailed off mid-lecture, gazing up and to the side. She knew that face; something had come to him.
“…Anyway, when you want to understand the power you wield imagine you have that whole magic horse able to do your every bidding.”
“That is quite a way to think of it. A phantasmal horse, you say?”
“At the moment, yeah. It might climb with training; I don’t know what the upper limits are. In any event, those Earthbowmen haven’t got fuck-all on you. They pull 190-pound bows, which is already insane. But you? With your magic alone, you pull 410 pounds. I’m converting it for you; the standardised Metric units classify these as 185kg bows.”
Such power was beyond the pale! Keya had no idea when her mouth fell open, but she left it there.
“F-f-four hundred!” Until now, she managed forty well enough, yet never conceived of using her power with a bow. Why had that not occurred to her? My view remains obstinately narrow: a mule with blinders. I will change.
“Yeah, that should be with magic alone. I used the weight-training as a benchmark. Do it right, and you’ll hardly tire. And you better fucken do it right, coz this ain’t no pissy weight no more. You see this string; it’s friggin stainless steel cable.”
“Metal string?” It was nowhere the craziest thing she had heard recently.
“Not an uncommon as you think. Crossbows of this weight or higher often use steel cable. But being a bow, it has the advantage of speed, versatility, and relative power—lots of power.”
Taut silver gut shimmered in the light, the same metal as her knife. Rustless, steel string was doubtless superior. Far less pesky oiling and waxing, if any.
Next, he handed her a plastic bag. “Gloves, chest guard, and arm guard. “Wear them or buy ones that suit you better,” he commanded, and she obeyed. “Here’s a website.” He handed her note with a series of symbols and letters that would open a shop on the black seer glass in her room. These codes were quite valuable, like passphrases without which you could not enter an abode.
Keya had a list of them pinned to her wall, they were a hassle to speak into the long boxes each time, but the destinations were well worth the trouble.
“Its an archery supply store,” said Master, “get whatever you need. If you don’t understand what a thing is, study up on it, or ask Evy or Lee. I want you well acquainted with your tools. Do you understand?” She had rarely seen Master this serious.
“I completely understand, Master.” If only he could be this normal all the time.
“Good, because if you slip up, that string will cut you like cheese.” What a dreadful thought! “Head out to the HAS, and I’d like to see you do fifty draws and steady releases with no arrow on each bow before the day is done. Remember, no strength, 99% per cent magic. Then come back, and I’ll show you tools and parts for mounting other accessories on these beasts.
“It’s go-time for our squad. There’s a world of hurt out there, and it’s time you brought your own pain.”
“I will gladly do as you ask!” As if she needed encouragement when it came to this! She closed and scooped up both boxes, openly displaying her enthusiasm.
“Oh, one more thing.” He caught her just before she left. “Congratulations.”
“For what?” She turned back.
“You’re probably the strongest bowmen in both my and your history. Just a thought.” He resumed his work as if merely mentioning the time of day.
Keya stood in rigid, eyes wide, for long moments, until she finally willed herself leave.
Previous[Next]( )

Comments & Calculations

Mmmm! I smell some sweet calculations!
Kay’s Max Draw = 686.7W
Kay will avoid using any physical strength to draw her bows. So we'll work with Max Draw only. Bear in mind she could still use a bit of strength to draw the bow faster, help stabilize etc. It's just at these higher levels physical contribution becomes negligible so she really needs to focus on magic mastery. Also a bit of a safety factor, underspeced bows are naturally better for handling.
Assume a linear spring. Bows aren't exactly linear springs especially compound bows which actually taper off in force at full draw. However, the main purpose of a bow is storing elastic potential energy and transferring it into the kinetic energy of a projectile. I'm basically assuming negligible losses in this transfer, from magic to elastic and elastic to kinetic.
Spring Work:
W = (k.x^2)/2 K = 686.7/0.28125 = 2441.6 N/m F = 2432.54x0.75 = 1831.2 N (Full Draw Weight) (186.67kg) (411.53lb)
Conclusion: Kay is a fucking monster.
Now for velocity calculations:
Assume use of Earthbow Arrows ~ 100g
Ek = (mv^2)/2 V = ((686.7x2)/0.1)^0.5 = 117.19 m/s or 421.88 km/h (A factor of three higher and I will have to worry about sonic booms!)
Note: Your microwave in the kitchen uses more Watts, but our technology is really quite power-hungry and inefficient compared to natural systems. It is amazing, when used well, just how much oomf these meagre Watts can produce.
True story about Aluminium BTW. And I'll have none of you heathens spelling and saying it without the 'i', such talk is blasphemy you hear!
Amazon Patreon Cover I'm a Brave Creator too. An easy decentralised ad revenue based way to support me, costing you nothing and fully integrated into Reddit. If you have the Brave Browser just click the triangular BAT icon labelled 'Tip' below.
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2020.09.28 02:05 GreatAwakening888 THE SPELL IS BROKEN: A Worldwide Great Awakening, Peace Is The Prize, We're Arrived In Eden [part 4]

It is one thing to have a mind that can see and understand the messages Maestro Trump prepares for us from the battlefield, but can you even begin to fathom the brainpower that composes and encoded an epic such a his?
Part 4 is all about the glorious New World that we are transitioning to and into, a TRANSITION TO GREATNESS. Imagine it like THIS.
Q2450 We are going to show you a new world. Those who are blind will soon see the light. A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.
In parts 1-3, we covered quite a lot of terrain, and to ensure we do not lose sight of the big picture, the tenth puzzle piece brings everything majestically together that we've thus far decoded.
Again, at 11:36a (screenshot HERE) (a retweet of the WhiteHouse's 11:05a Tweet) Maestro Trump gives us the final puzzle piece from his speech at the Flight 93 Memorial, which summarizes and reconfirms everything we have decoded thus far, as well as 'opens the door' to the final act of this puzzle.
White House timestamp of 11:22a => 122 = THE VIRUS = FREQUENCIES = JF KENNEDY JR = PRINCE GEORGE = 122 => reversing 221 = THE SPELL OF MERCURY (the spell put upon money) = 221 = SOROS ROTHSCHILDS. Trump's RT at 11:36a => 136 = GREAT AWAKENING = HEAVEN ON EARTH.
Video duration is 0:53 => 53 = BE BEST = COMEBACK = BY GOD = GOD CODE (i.e Our Journey Back To Eden).
Capital letters of Tweet: INYAS = 68 = EL PASO = PASSAGE = BECOMING = BARACK OBAMA
MTA = 34 = NSA = DJT = FREE = RIG = LV (55 roman numerals) = QQ = 34 = 2 x 17 => 217 = AS THE WORLD TURNS = ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN => 117 = FAKED OWN DEATH
But what about that number, 400, in the Tweet content?
Relevant Q drops are the re-emphasis of Q2356 with the 5 file names all equalling a version of JFK Jr's name, Q3536 Thank you for confirming…., and Q4736 RIG FOR RED.
The relevant Q drop related to the White House 11:22a posting time is Q3522 link to Reagan's 'Peace Through Strength; video, and the text: WWG1WGA!!!. WWG1WGA = 84 = HUMAN RACE = NEW DAWN = FIVE FIVE = WWG1WGA = COINCIDENCE? = NINE NINE (99 = PATRIOT = ONE SEVEN = GOD'S LOVE = INVINCIBLE).
(summarizing graphic and decoded message HERE)

At 11:49a (screenshot HERE) Maestro Trump gives us a picture of the White House with the American flag at half-staff to honor all those who were mercilessly sacrificed on 9/11 by Cult 93, as well as those who did not die but suffered the attack on the Twin Towers of our God-given DNA. This puzzle piece comes 13 minutes after the previous to re-emphasize who are the heroes and who are the villains of this new national epic, The Great Awakening. And to continue the foreshadowing and recursive nature of his elegant epic structure, Maestro Trump clarifies what is really meant by RED OCTOBER and RED WAVE by re-emphasizing that JFK Jr. is not only alive, not only Q, but the man who made it possible to BREAK THE SPELL. He also gives us a few hints as to when we might expect JFK Jr. to officially re_enter the public domain soon.
The timestamp gives yet another reinforcement for the decode path with 11:49a => 1149 => 149 = SKULL AND BONES = BABYLON IS FALLEN -/+ = JOHN F KENNEDY II = FORTY SEVEN (47 = JOHN) = THE PRINCE OF PEACE = OR THE ELECTION.
The related and relevant Q drop is Q2349 (screenshot HERE). This drop was analyzed in depth in my END GAME decode series, but to refresh and re-relate, the content pertains to The Hunt For Red October, double meanings, the reason 'the hunt for' was removed, and the filenames of the two pictures.
Q2349 => [23] [49]; 23 => Now Comes The Pain; 49 = JK JR = ALIVE = ENDGAME

(summarizing graphic and decoded message HERE)

Breathtaking, isn't it? It is as if we are seeing the initial inklings of a Heaven-on-Earth future, with supernatural twists revealing the truth of lies that even the most awake and aware of us did not see. How is this compatible with an End Times, Earthly-destruction-by-fire-and-quakes scenario from the Bible? What if armageddon is for [them], and for us, a nearly seamless transition to a new Earth, as if Heaven on Earth? What if this is Our Journey Back to Eden? One Earth becomes two, the wicked falling in ruin and torment while the righteous find Heaven on Earth? Is this the 'higher octave' of our New World that Q has eluded to? We are building everything back, better than before. Angelic healing is happening. The BREATH OF LIFE that God gave man is being breathed into us again. Our future is an emerald green one, where humanity can prosper, and peace can reign. Sounds rather heavenly to me.
Did you to know that part of [their] chemtrailing agenda was to reduce atmospheric oxygen and increase methane because [they] need methane like WE need oxygen? Do you now see why [they] can't breathe? Why the kneeling suffocation rituals? Oxygen is on the rise with [their] chemtrails reversed, and climate-change-hoax-initiatives blocked, the implementation of which were designed to change us and change the climate to accommodate [their] biological needs. Do you now see the biological reasons behind [their] mask mandates? We know the metaphysical and psychological reasons, but biologically speaking [they] are trying to stop We The People from accessing these higher, healing oxygen levels, as masks reduce oxygen intake. Do you see that [they] are the ones who need the masks to reduce [their] oxygen intake in this new, oxygen-rich Earth? By mandating masks, [they] can hide behind the 'cover' that masks are for our safety, when in reality they are about [theirs]. When you realize [they] can't survive here much longer, you understand how limited [their] time truly is.

Moving on to the next piece of the puzzle, at 1:00p (screenshot HERE) Maestro Trump continues the recursive confirmation method employed throughout this puzzle to further the theme of the ABRAHAM ACCORDS, and more fully explore the explosive implications of peace in the Middle East (and the world).
If peace is the prize, and peace is Cult 93's greatest fear, then peace is the mother of all bombs against [them]. 19 reversed is 91 = GOD WINS! Thus, what could be more fitting than reversing [their] Endless Wars by signing Middle East peace deals at the White House, exactly 19 years after Muslims and non-Jewish Middle East countries were used by Cult 93 and [their] affiliate MOSSAD as patsies for the 9/11 attacks?
This puzzle piece comes 1:11 hours after the previous, or 71 minutes.
The video duration of 1:00 recursively connects us back to the previous puzzle piece with RIG FOR RED = 100 = JFK JR IS Q, but shifts to the 'higher octave' for these Biblical and World Peace themes. 100 = DEMONIC BEING = TOWERS = CHANGE DNA BECOME = RITUALS = DEMON DAYS -/+ = SHATTERED = WIZARDS = THE PURGE = RESTORE = BIRTHMARK = BIBLE GOD FAITH
The video duration can also equal 60 = ORDER = DONE DEAL = HOLY = PRAY = PURE = ONE GOD (Christians, Muslims and Jews united under the ONE GOD...just like SB2 revealed in Our Journey Back To Eden)
Capital letters of the Tweet:
Related and relevant Q posts:
Q100 Satan. Who follows? What political leaders worship Satan? What does an upside down cross represent? Who wears openly? Why? Who is she connected to? Why is this relevant? Spirit cooking. What does Spirit Cooking represent? Cult. What is a cult? Who is worshipped Why is this relevant? Snow White Godfather III Speed. Q
Q1300 (Mike Pompeo in Jordan in 2018 Twitter link)
Q3700 Photo of Bill Barr Interview on Fox with filename: 51de1f16602703b2cef2b36eb1feb809. 13 Letters = 53 = BE BEST = BY GOD. 19 Numbers = 63 = SOON = PUBLIC = DIVINE. 53+63 = 116 = BREATHTAKING = WE HAVE WON = J KENNEDY JR = PRINCE OF PEACE = A NEW NATION = IT'S A WRAP => 911 reversed and flipped. 13 letters represent (the 13 Bloodlines) + 19 numbers represent (S(atan)/SS) = 32(2) = 32 => [They] have been defeated.
Main point expressed in joint statement:

(summarizing graphic HERE and decoded message HERE)

Wasn't it interesting that that [they] had no idea the ABRAHAM ACCORDS were happening, little-lone that they were about to publicly break? That was the last thing [they] envisioned happening on the 19th anniversary of 9/11. I believe this was foreshadowed in Q916 We are saving Israel for last. Very specific reason not mentioned a single time. Everyone thought that by saving Israel for last, a country which was being held hostage by Cult 93 via MOSSAD, the same MOSSAD who secretly worked with C_A and SAUD to carry out most of the F_F over the last decades, that this ominous sentence implied big time fireworks were to come. But if you expand your thinking, and realize the MOAB, in terms of most dreaded by Cult 93, is peace, you see how explosive this development actually is. Quietly, behind the scenes, the most unthinkable attack on the infiltrators of Israel was being orchestrated: Peace In The Middle East. Catching [them] off-guard, preventing [them] from thwarting, was the very specific reason it was not mention a single time by Q.
If we go to Q916 (link HERE), there is a screenshot referencing Awan, with the filename: C8F91EAD-51C7-47FA-96C5-C… . Separate the letters and numbers (CFEADCFACC) and (89151747965). The sum of the letters equals 35 = HEALED. The sum of the numbers equals 62 = DISEASE = COVFEFE. If Cult 93 is a virus, the most deadly attack against [them] is to heal those [they] infected with [their] disease, i.e. The Endless Wars. DECODED MESSAGE: DISEASE HEALED! COVFEFE!

Also at 1:00p (screenshot HERE) Maestro Trump continues his National Epic backchannel messages, which are the perfect form of transparency with We The People, while simultaneously bypassing Demon Community Media. He further elaborates the details of the spiritual war that is being waged behind the scenes, and how peace on Earth is being actualized among warring [infected] nations.
Capital Letters: A HISTORIC O GREAT IKBPDAI + (30). Since 'breaking' the spells is the theme, it is necessary to continue 'breaking' the lines to get the full message.
IKBPDAI (30) = 52 = DEVIL = DOOR = FLOOD = NWO = HEART; (30) = BIBLE = PEACE = ARK; 52 + (30) = 82 = OLD GUARD = PORTAL = VESSEL = -/+ GAME CHANGER = RECORDS ('breaking records => breaking [their] portals/spells) = LOCK KEY = RAINBOW

(summarizing graphic and decoded message HERE)

The Breath of God revitalized, the DNA of God restored, the divine human and family infrastructure rebuilt, the nations of the Earth refocused on common goals to gain freedom from the evil, the Beast From The Sea thwarted, humanity is rising up from the ashes and healing, a worldwide Great Awakening, Peace On Earth, The Spell Is Broken, Heaven On Earth, God Is Here With Us, Judgment Day Is Now, Birth Of A New Nation, A New World...are we perhaps witnessing (in slow motion but real time) the manifestation of NEW JERUSALEM?
Is this what OUR JOURNEY BACK TO EDEN truly is? Did you know that NEW JERUSALEM = 146 = PERUVIAN COFFEE = FIRST PRIZE = CREAM OF THE CROP = IVANKA TRUMP = MANIFESTATION = THE APOCALYPSE = SIXTY EIGHT (68 = PLANET) = DCCCLXXXVIII (roman numerals for 888) => 888 is the antidote to 666; 888 in English gematria = DONALD J TRUMP.

At 3:04p (screenshot HERE and link to Tweet HERE) Maestro Trump continues his backchannel messages regarding the peace on Earth from his deals. He emphasizes that it is no coincidence that the Abraham Accord Peace Agreements are being signed on the 19th anniversary of 9/11: "There's no more powerful response to the hatred that spawned 9/11 than the agreement we are about to..."
The timestamp of 3:04p => 34 = NSA = DJT = LV (55 = JFK JR); or 15:04 => [15] + [04] = 19 => (19th anniversary); 15:04 => 154 = THE ANTICHRIST = RITUAL SACRIFICE -/+ = THE SECOND COMING = THE ALMIGHTY GOD = GOD'S HERE BE CAREFUL = GOD IS WITH US = I AM THE CHOSEN ONE = PLOT TWIST = PLANET EARTH FREE = RESTORATION
This post comes 2 hours and 04 minutes after the previous puzzle piece, or 124 minutes.
Q34 ... We are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us hard and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light ... (full Q34 drop screenshot HERE)
Q304 These people are sick.
Q1504 What a wonderful day.
Q3904 This is not another [4] year election.

(summarizing graphic and decoded message HERE)

Five minutes later, at 3:09 (screenshot HERE and link to Tweet HERE) Maestro Trump continues with his recursive, self-confirming pattern while simultaneously expanding the picture, this time specifically about BREAKING THE SPELLS and how it connects to world peace.
The timestamp of 3:09p=> 39 (Cult 93 reversed). The video duration is 0:41 => 41 = D HEX (demon hex) = AL QAEDA (the CIA) = GONE = USA = LOCK = KEY
Trump emphasizes these words in the video: "previously UNTHINKABLE, regional TRANSFORMATION, ABRAHAM ACCORDS."
Related and relevant Q posts:
Q309 Justice.
DECODED MESSAGE: The only way to defeat Satan, his armies, and the antichrist, is for the Abrahamic religions to unite under the one true God to destroy him. The only way this is possible is via world peace. Do you now see why THE ENDLESS WARS, which [they] artificially created between Christians, Muslims, and Jews were essential for [their] preservation? THE ENDLESS WARS = 172 = SPELLS ARE BROKEN.
Do you now see why peace is truly the ultimate prize and the most devastating blow imaginable for Cult 93? The shockwave felt around the world was due to BREAKING THE SPELLS of Cult 93 via the manifestation of The Plan, which JFK Jr., Trump and American Heroes crafted to avenge his father's murder, and rid the world of Cult 93 and [their] Demon Hex on Humanity. PHASE TWO has begun, wherein atonement and justice are, and will be, delivered to Cult 93 and [their] affiliates. [They] will be under lock and key, awaiting judgment. This phase can be seen as the Biblical Sixth Seal where the Earth quakes, the Sun is blacked out, the moon turns blood-red, and the wicked seek refuge in the caverns of mountains.
While some believe that the innocent will suffer during this period, that is perhaps an incorrect assumption. The Earth upon which the wicked reside will fall into turmoil, but not for the innocent, not for the righteous. As SerialBrain2 has said, The Wall is a modern version of The Ark. Do you now see how The Storm is for [them], just like in the days of Noah; and The Wall is for us, to protect and shelter humanity during The Storm? After this storm, the birth of a new nation, a new world will be upon us, one where we will prosper in happiness.
What if Our Journey Back To Eden is literal? What if we are almost home? What if many of us are already there? Well, WELCOME HOME, Old Friends! We've arrived in Eden! The Best Is Yet To Come!
(summarizing graphic and decoded message duplicated from the one above HERE)
Q2305 In the end, you will be 'shocked' to learn what you've 'essentially' WITNESSED. Q
Q1052 Your trust & faith in us is enough. You elected us to do the heavy lifting. Enjoy the show. BIRTH of a NEW NATION. NEW WORLD. Q
THE SPELL IS BROKEN: The Shot Heard Around The World, The Great Awakening, A Week To Remember [part 5]
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2020.09.28 01:49 boredCommentator JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5: Round 2 Match 3 - Hideki Ryuga vs Kimijo "Jo" Kaneko

M1 results already went up, so no results with this match, of course… Just jumping straight into another deathmatch here!
That said, you do still have a couple days to vote in a slum-based throwdown with two well-meaning men helping down a lingering fighting spirit.
Agriculture District, Magdalena Bay, Walker Ranger’s Bar, Evening
The evening air outside the bar was refreshingly cool, and though it was lively, it hadn’t been nearly as much so as many other places and days had been for a certain patron approaching it. Hideki Ryuga could hear country music blaring from inside when people walked out the door.
Ryuga wanted a bit of time away from the Shopping District, for today at least… Well, as much as he wanted to do things besides be away from his post.
Gabanna P. Dolce sat in Bad Apple’s office, hanging up the phone from her chat with the Agora Row councilman and looking to the young prodigious chef who, since his appearance with Pandora at the Taste of Fortuna, had been manning the restaurant more hours than ever in order to keep up with the demand, the surge in business and greatly increased success that came from having built up goodwill with basically everyone in the area.
“Ryuga, child,” his boss started, in that hoarse tone of hers, “you’re lookin’ real tired, real thin… When’s the last time you had a moment to yourself? You done anything but work and crash at night?”
“I…” He wasn’t sure why he felt embarrassed by that, given that it was to keep her restaurant afloat with all this new business. “There was that time I went to the Devil Blue with Agnes, I think? I told you how that went, right?”
She didn’t answer, just sighing. “Look, I love what you’re doin’ here, it’s great for business, but… That ain’t everything. You’re young still, y’shouldn’t be this… Out of it all the time, just on autopilot. Take some time off, yeah? See the city, take a load off. I could stand to get behind the grill myself and cover for ya… I mean, I just own the dang place, after all. Should be doin’ more for it than sittin’ here goin’ over other files.”
“I… But don’t you-”
“Ryuga,” she repeated his name, “didn’t ya tell Arpeggi not to do the Taste when it clearly woulda broken him? You take some you-time and get outta this rut too. I wanna keep you around a long time, so don’t burn out before y’really hit your prime.”
“I…” He knew she was right. He couldn’t just be on autopilot like this. He’d grown, gotten an entirely new ability, and still spent every day the same like this. He had to breathe and start actually focusing on taking some time for himself.
Walker Ranger’s Bar wasn’t really his first choice to spend his evening, he wasn’t really a drinker, but then again, he didn’t really have all that many plans for the night anyway, and this was the way he had wandered, conversations taking him this and that way until finally, he wound up here.
Well, at least it was lively, and maybe he could take his mind off work and what’s happened over the past few months. Yeah, that was what he needed. To get his mind off of all this bullshit so he could feel happy doing the things he liked again.
And screw it, why not experiment a bit while he was here? Ordering a nice-sounding cocktail (he’d heard Agnes talk this thing up once at a point where he didn’t realize anyone he could antagonize was listening) and some bar food, Ryuga settled into one of the booth seats closer to the front.
Less than half an hour later
Kimijo “Jo” Kaneko had been wandering around the Agriculture District for a few hours, mostly around the coast and lakes, searching for local fish markets or fishing spots without much luck. She’d heard rumors that there were some truly interesting places around that neck of the district, but it was difficult for her to ask, and with the way she spoke and carried herself clearly marking her as an outsider, the people of the Agricultural District were somewhat cold.
Most of what she was looking for would be in the Waterfront District, she knew, but she also knew well that you never knew what you might find with a little digging. You might find some nice little hole in the wall that becomes your new favorite restaurant, meet a new person, have a strange encounter!
She hadn’t known it, but this wasn’t all for the reason she’d assumed, but a guilt-by-association of sorts as well: allies of hers had been very publicly known as involved in a feud with the Keshem Family that, had they not been thwarted, would have spelled an overwhelming change to the culture of rural Los Fortuna. Even if the people of the A-D had no way of knowing that this was her, the District itself seemed to know, and the overarching mood would influence their treatment of the vigilante.
Well, at least as much as the guilt-by-association made these people icy, they weren’t outright hostile yet at least. Jo hadn’t been around this neck of the woods much as it was, but it seemed like a nice place, unlikely to be the site of random people who were no better than her singling her out for some reason. Would be nice to just socialize a bit in the part of the Metro Area least likely to tolerate Stand Bullshit, especially with the recent vibes in Sound’s Garden since that big fire some e-boy caused or whatever.
Making her way into the bar, Jo had decided she was going to ask the locals if they knew anything of interest and take a rest for the night after a few drinks.
Walking up to the bartender she waved to get his attention before speaking, 《“Excuse me, do you know any Japanese?”》
The bartender was silent for a bit, noting the inquisitive tone and at least recognizing the word for ‘Japanese,’ shaking his head. “If you’re askin’ if I speak it, don’t really know any words… Sorry for the trouble.”
Well, it was worth a shot. She’d just have to figure out a way to communicate what she was really searching for, but that was no reason to be hostile to the tender here.
“NO TROUBLE!” Jo assured in English, her own understanding of the language improving even if speaking it was still lagging a bit. “DO YOU HAVE ASAHI?”
While the bartender nodded and got to finding her some of her standby, another patron was sitting there, watching the scene tiredly in mild bewilderment.
Ryuga’s ears peaked when he heard somebody speaking in Japanese, not just out of recognizing what was being said for someone who clearly needed a hand, but because of the voice of who was speaking.
He turned his head towards the bar to see a short woman he immediately recognized… How could he not?
That was the woman who killed Father Blue, chatting up the bartender in her broken English. Though honestly, even if he couldn’t get that fact out of his head, that wasn’t the only way he’d known her.
Back at the Taste of Fortuna…
Part of Ryuga’s marketing strategy for the Taste had been to just go around from booth to booth, getting to know the various vendors and recommend one another, spread good feelings around which would raise all tides. It would contribute heavily to the event being one of the most successful in recent history, and a truly lasting increase in camaraderie among Los Fortuna’s culinary community.
“Be aware and be wary,” the purple kid helping him and Pandora run their stall had said, “for two-stalls-down from Elephant Bones is a place known as… Jo’s Sushi. And indeed yes that is the same ‘Jo’ who we are both thinking of… Just avoid eye contact with that entire row. Competition and ruiners of episodes, that’s what is there, in a crowd overall fine and dandy.”
Ryuga had considered ignoring them as he said, but seeing Jo serve her fresh fish, somehow managing a half-day-long event in the heat while keeping raw sushi sanitary, impressed him. Her breaks were frequent, a cute little sign reading how long she would be in English and Japanese, literally vanishing under her booth for about half an hour or so at a time before emerging, the end of her apron dripping slightly wet as she held some catch aloft.
This time, a crowd was in awe at the sight of the woman emerging while holding in her hand a massive bluefin fish, perhaps three times her size, and immediately getting to skillfully butchering the thing, calling out, “NEW ITEM: FORTUNA BLUEFIN TO ORDER! LIMITED SUPPLY!”
They spoke while he was watching her prepare his rolls, doing so with amazing flourishes of her knife work, and he was able to fully appreciate then that this was an artist at work, a woman living her culinary dreams, and not just some callous murderer as she had been painted.
He wondered what her life would have been like had she not been a Stand User.
She’d improved a lot from when they’d last had a brief chat, but even then, he couldn’t help but get the impression she was struggling, had something she needed to ask about.
Ryuga stood up, wanting to have yet another chance to talk to Jo in this neutral environment. 《“Ah, Kaneko-san, good to see you. Did you need a translator still?”》 He raised his hand and walked over to offer his help.
Jo looked over, happy to find another Japanese speaker to expedite things, and one she had yet to realize was a Stand User or anything else that might have put her more on guard at their chance run-in. She remembered this guy, not finding his casual tone surprising; hell, it was more formal than how she’d asked every customer to refer to her as ‘Jo’ instead of worrying about formal titles. 《“Oh, Ryuga, hello, yes! Would you be willing to ask him about the local fishing industry in the district? I’ve heard there’s some really unique things around here you can’t find anywhere else, and thought special fish might be like that…”》
A few questions later Jo got the information she needed; while she only got a few leads on fish farms, bayou shrimp, and oyster fishing, it seems like the Agriculture District didn’t have much of any real fishing industry anymore. It was something the barkeeper was noticeably sullen to talk about.
He even mentioned some talk of legendary and bizarre freshwater creatures in the strangest, most dangerous and uninhabited spaces of the District… There had been one species which had been the pride of the coastal A-D, but they had been fished to extinction or killed by battles with Stand Users or wildlife with strange powers.
《“Ah, so that’s what it comes down to again…”》 Jo sighed, shaking her head and downing another Asahi. 《“Always Stand Users causing problems…”》
《“That’s a pretty closed-minded way of looking at it, don’t you think?”》 Ryuga was sitting by her now, on his own second cocktail as he kept his cool in conversation, maybe made just a touch more blunt about his points by it. 《“I mean, you were at the Taste of Fortuna… You saw Cairo, and CaraMel, and those Elephant Bones guys, right? Stand Users aren’t all bad or dangerous people…”》
《“Elephant Bones hates me! They looked at me all day long like they wanted excuses for me to get beat up.”》 Jo complained, before adding, 《“but not all need to be bad or dangerous for being one to be dangerous… We’ll always run into each other, and trouble will come. Like… That guy everyone is mad about, it wasn’t like I just did it for fun of it. It was a fight, and with a Stand that was such a ferocious, powerful dog… I know something which has eaten people when I see it! And anyway, when in a fight for your life, you have to defend yourself… Stand Users can come back from many things. I wonder if they would care if he’d been the one to kill me with the dueling law…”》
Ryuga blinked, a bit weirded out that she casually knew something like ‘something that’s eaten a person,’ but opted to change the subject anyway. He had a feeling there wouldn’t be any point in grilling her on this, and even if he didn’t like her outlook, she was apparently far from the only or even the most dangerous person to have it.
Rather, he opted to change the subject. 《“Bad Apple’s been doing well since the festival… I think that whole thing shows what this city should be like, right?”》
《“I’ll drink to that.”》
They spoke awhile longer then, mostly about fish-out-of-water experiences, missing things from their necks of Japan, more anecdotes about their own restaurants, and the Los Fortuna culinary scene as a whole. For the most part, actually, it was… Nice. Both were having a nice time talking.
As Jo and Ryuga talked, a man in work clothes with jean cuffs rather than sleeves stepped into the bar: by the murmurs and whispers of those in the area, this was the one and only Ernie Ford.
Ernie looked around the bar to see a vaguely familiar face, a relaxed barely 21 year old man that, while most would know him as an airport worker, Ryuga had recognized as having worked with Elephant Bones at the Taste of Fortuna. He’d smuggled him some of that sushi Jo had made then because, for obvious reasons, he couldn’t exactly take a break to go across there in the middle of the meal rush, let alone for a fellow booth they had such obvious distaste for.
“Hey Ernie.” The clearly buzzed man waved mildly drunk and definitely high, “Get any sleep lately?” he chuckled as if he had said a really funny joke.
“No,” Ernie brushed past the juvenile’s table and made his way to the bar counter.
“Hey man it was just a joke, no need to be so serious,” the high individual calls back after him. “Ah whatever,” He takes a sip of his drink before looking up at the ceiling, clearly out of it. “Just missed ya earlier, but word around the airport was you were finally on the last days of gettin’ that new hangar up!” He parsed his lips, then. “I dunno why you didn’t just fix it up, though…”
“The ice melted, metal fatigue set in… Place was a bigger deathtrap than that place that fell on Andre… Needed to demolish the whole thing so no dumb kids snuck onto the airfield and died in it or something.” He grumbled, then, adding under his breath, “really, keep your stashes somewhere better…”
Ernie, now at the counter, orders a cider and some bar food that was quickly delivered, the tender clearly glad to see him, engaging in small talk he wasn’t the type to engage much back with. Jo and Ryuga were honestly a bit on edge, seeing a guy like this sitting so close to them, but ultimately surmised pretty quickly that he was no trouble at all, just here to unwind and take some personal time like them. Maybe he could finally take an hour or so to relax from what they could tell was a life of constant work…
…of course not.
The door to the establishment kicked open as a large muscular man in a football helmet, resembling the human embodiment of a sack of bricks, strode into the room as startled patrons recoiled in shock.
The man looked around, glowering angrily out at the crowd of onlookers. In a low growl he enunciated, “Where is Ernie Ford.”
It didn’t seem like the man was even asking a question. He was stating it, as if it didn’t matter what the answer was. Jo peered down even harder into her drink, shooting a dirty look the man’s way.
《“Do you know that guy or something, Kaneko-san?”》 Ryuga whispered to her.
“Ugo McBasie… Big trouble security head,” she whispered in turn, her English quieter than usual, “causes problems on purpose for me and friends.”
“The head of VAKYRIE?” Ryuga grimaced, too. “Look, just… Don’t do anything reckless. He’s not here for you.”
Ugo scanned the room reviling in the control he had over the people too shocked or scared to even answer him.
Ernie pushed his bowl and glass back to the barkeep. He turned around and stood up as Ugo looked around the room. “Is your helmet blocking your vision, or something? I’m over here!” Ernie called out towards Ugo. Ugo zeroed in on Ernie and flashed a brief grin, barely visible under his helmet, but able to be felt through his energies.
“Well, this makes my job a lot easier. I was about to tear this place up until you were called here, but you saved me the wait!” Ugo’s words caused some of the patrons to come out of their shocked stupor, running to the far walls, under tables or out the door as quickly as they could.
Ernie glared back at Ugo, “Always more problems with you people. You never give up do you.”
Ugo gave a sly chuckle. “Ah come on Ernie,” Ugo backed up to the still open door, arms wide before settling to leaning against it. Ryuga and Jo were just eating bar pretzels.
One of the patrons had the unfortunate timing to try to duck and squeeze past Ugo out the door only to be blocked. “L-let me get that for you…”
Snap! Snap!
The door came off the hinges as Ugo pulled down, “There you go,” Ugo taunted smarmily. Tossing the door aside as the patron hurriedly ran past him.
Ernie caught it in one hand, letting out a growl in anger, “Don’t you dare break anything else in here, or so help me God I will break your neck.”
“Ernie, what’s one more to the list?” Ugo sauntered up to a nearby table and picked up a plate to inspect. “Stuff breaks when we fight, like anybody cares. I mean you break stuff all the time in these fights.”
Ugo threw the plate to the ground, pushing Ernie’s buttons in anyway he could. “Oops,” Ugo flashed another grin in mock sarcasm.
Ernie got up seething, but he kept arguing with a man he knew wasn’t listening. “You have no intention of fixing anything. I catalogue everything broken and to be paid in full. 165 dollars to replace the door frame and plate. And 28 million dollars and 12 thousand hours for everything you’ve done to this district alone!”
As Ernie was talking, Ugo hefted a beer bottle pretending to ignore him. Swishing the mostly empty bottle he lifts it up over his head and shakes out the remaining liquid to catch in his open mouth. “What are you going to do about it, bore me with the details.” Ugo shakes the bottle, reaffirming that it is indeed empty.
Ernie walked forward delivering his final warning, a quiet anger bubbling quite visibly, “Just get out now before I kick you out.”
“Hah!” Ugo interrupted as he hurled a bottle at Ernie, trying to catch him off guard as he spoke.
It was quick, but the Stand Users in the room could just about catch a glimpse of it as it happened. A blue blurred figure came out of Ernie’s shoulder and caught the bottle faster than you could see. But just as quick as it came, it placed the bottle on the counter and receded back into Ernie before any other distinguishing features could be made out.
“Alright, you are getting what’s coming to you now!” Ernie began to rush up to Ugo fist wound up.
OPEN THE GAME! ....a strange sense of deja vu washed over Jo and Ryuga as they turned and faced this mid conversation, registering that a fight was about to go down.
Ernie charged Ugo just as he picked up a chair to use as a weapon. Ernie’s fist made contact with the chair with a bang, knocking it out of Ugo’s hand. But Ugo retreats to the other side of the table before Ernie’s other fist could connect. The two strafed on either side momentarily with neither getting an edge.
Ugo pushed down hard on his end of the table, attempting to slam the rim of the table against Ernie’s chin, but Ernie countered by slamming his hands on the rim and bringing the table legs back to the ground.
The two locked eyes from across the table between them. Both of their hands were on the table, muscles straining as they acted against each other. Ernie was using his force to deny Ugo the ability to leverage or even move the table.
“Hhaaagh!” Ugo let out a shout as he sent his force upwards to flip the table.
Crash! Crack!
Ernie had followed Ugo’s motion, lifting the table over his own head and throwing it backwards. Then Ernie quickly closed the now empty space between them, grabbing and pulling Ugo by one arm and delivering a blow to the side of Ugo’s helmet.
“Happens all the time…” Jo chided, reaching for her belt. She would have to find a spot to transform and do something about this, wouldn’t she?
《“Kaneko-san, don’t do anything rash!”》 Ryuga chided in turn, putting a hand on her arm as he tried to pull the other Stand User behind something.
《“They’re going to hurt the people here… These men are idiots with a wasteful feud.”》
Ugo took a step back, spitting out some blood and chuckled, grabbing another chair in both hands and charged back in. He gave a devilish grin as he held the chair’s legs forward, and dug his heels in and started jabbing the chair at Ernie. Ugo was trying to bash Ernie’s eyes out with the chair, and Ernie held his arms high standing just in range for the chair legs to hit his arms. After a few quick jabs, Ugo wound up to dig the chair in with all his strength.
The chair only clipped the man as Ernie sidestepped.
With one arm Ernie pulled the chair forward with Ugo along with, bringing him foreward. Ernie then delivered a blow to the back of Ugo’s helmeted head with the other hand.
Ugo rolled with the energy of the blow, lessening the otherwise debilitating blow and putting distance between him and his opponent.
I was just there before coming up here… Ryuga thought, still having to do what he could to keep Jo in check. I don’t think she’s realized I’m a Stand User yet… She’d be fighting me off harder otherwise.
《“Quit getting in the way! I need to get in on this!”》
《“I know deescalating isn’t your strong suit! You’ll just make this mess worse!”》 Though Ryuga, at the same time, knew that these two weren’t in a place to talk either. If someone’s life were at risk, he’d let her go, but for what it was worth, these two older men seemed to at least be avoiding that much in their stupid brawl.
Ernie just stood there as Ugo came around, “The next hit will break your helmet and your skull Ugo.” Ernie stated in a serious tone “Stick around and get even more brain damaged or leave while you still can.”
Ugo didn’t reply with anything more than a devilish smile, rushing Ernie once more. The two locked hands, neither giving an inch while trying to push the other off balance. Ugo wound up for a headbutt, but as he went to swing Ernie dropped backwards, falling on his back and using Ugo’s momentum and a knee to his stomach to toss Ugo out the open door. The crowd could see Ugo getting back up with a smile outside and running back, but Ernie went practically flying out the bar to meet him with a ‘Superman Punch,’ as the stoned bagboy called it enthusiastically. Jo and Ryuga had no idea what made the punch ‘superman,’ but the patrons seemed to agree.
They were now mostly out of sight to the bar patrons, the fury of two men fighting was in full force now, trading blows, grappling, and more.
From the outside now the bar patrons that hadn’t left, yet could hear Ugo call out, “Hit the bar!” As soon as those words were spoken, several VALKYRIE goons, dressed up for combat, started piling into the bar. The look on their faces made their wrecking intent very clear.
“He brought a security detail for some petty fight?!” Ryuga remarked aloud this time, more than a little bewildered.
But before the VALKYRIE goons could walk in too far, the tall, stubbed, red-eyed man stood and blocked their path. He spoke up in his perpetually mellow tone, “If there is one thing that harshes my vibe the most...” He looked around the room as he continued his speech, the goons could barely contain their snickering at the high individual trying to stop them. “It's henchmen who’ve never experienced an asskicking before.” His voice was still mostly mellow, but there seemed to be some fire in it as he urged the rest of the patrons to stand and fight.
“Come on now, who’s with me!” The buzzed man took a running leap to lead the charge with a big leaping punch to the frontmost goon, knocking him clean to the ground. That’s all it took for the braver patrons to charge with him. In a storm of batons, bottles, furniture and stoneware, the two groups began to brawl.
Ryuga tried to stand, waving his hands around and climbing atop a table to gather attention. “Guys, c’mon, we don’t need to-”
With Jo’s warning, the baton swing of a security agent barely whiffed Ryuga’s head as he dodged him, letting out a rude way of saying “you!” in Japanese before, in the spur of the moment, calling forth the first Act of Crystamanthequins, a dragon biting the baton before, just as soon, the man was tazed, knocked off-balance by the shift as the serpent yanked the weapon-turned-conduit away and sent it to the floor.
Ryuga, for a moment, was a little bit stunned, everything going slow, going quiet for him. It was spur-of-the-moment, self-defense, but… He’d never used his Stand to harm someone before.
He was snapped back into reality, then, by the sight of Jo, giving him a strange look and tilting her head. So… She’d noticed.
Jo had her weapons ready now, seeing the fighting that had unraveled in the span of a few short minutes, patrons beating back VALKYRIE agents who had descended upon them. Under her breath, she mouthed, “Ugo McBasie… ODIN company… Zero chance of survival.
“H-hey, this is out of hand, I agree!” He answered, snapping back into it, “but you can’t just start killing people left and right over it! Innocent people might get caught up in it, even the guilty don’t deserve to just die, and we don’t know anything about-”
A very long knife was being pointed at him, challengingly, a sad look on Jo’s face as she spoke up slightly, still quiet. He stepped back a bit, clearly realizing that there was no other way this would end now that she had realized he could fight back just fine. “You are not a bad man, Ryuga Hideki…”
“Right! You understand that! We don’t have to be on opposite sides… You’re endangering everyone here, Kaneko-san! We should be helping get this under control… Please, I don’t want to have to stop you.”
Her voice raised, then, back to her typical high volume. “OUT OF MY WAY.”
Open the game!
Location: A bar in the Agriculture District, visualized here. The place is 18 by 36 meters with each tile being 3 by 3 meters. The floor consists of wooden floorboards, as shown by the tile pattern.
The brown rectangles are booth tables with the orange rectangles surrounding them being wooden dividers. The brown circles are circular tables with the crossed out circles being overturned tables. Not visualized on the map are the chairs, unconscious bodies, bottles, and plates of bar food, which can be found most anywhere in various states of mild to noticeable damage on the map as the chaos of the brawl has thrown them around.
The black circles are the citizens of the District armed with chairs, bottles, and fisticuffs and the blue circles are goons who are mostly armed with batons.
The yellow rectangles form the bar counter with the bartender ducking behind it for cover, the only able body in the room not fighting. There is an entire cabinet and barrels of alcohol behind him.
The yellow rounded rectangle at the bottom of the map is the entrance to the bar, the door is currently on the floor next to it after it was pulled off its hinges by Ugo.
Goal: RETIRE your opponents!
Additional Information:
Both the locals and the goons have 3 physicals across the board and a 2 in bar brawling, this is after factoring in alcohol for the locals. Be aware that VALKYRIE goons are aware of and have equipment allowing them to see stands as well, and though they can learn over time, start with zero knowledge of either player’s Stand.
Each one is brawling against the other as best they can in this crowded environment. While both sides will avoid friendly fire as best they can there is still the possibility of it happening within the chaos. The VALKYRIE goons will attack the players if the opportunity comes, but the locals won’t unless they feel like the players are trying to attack them and would be acting in self defense. VALKYRIE goons are also actively trying to destroy the bar although that is a lower priority than their own safety.
Whenever a local is too injured or tired to keep fighting, but not passed out, they will retire to the outside tables/booths, behind the counter, or go out the door, whatever is easier. For the VALKYRIE goons, they will try to run for the exit if they are too injured or tired.
While nobody likely will die from the brawl alone (assuming the players don’t intervene at all), there will be a lot of bleeding and incapacitated bodies once this is all over.
For anybody interested, the high individual who started the counterattack is outside beating up the rest of the goons that are out there. It’s some Drunken Master shit we assure you is, in fact, sick as hell.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Red Carpet Renaissance Kimijo “Jo” Kaneko “"I can see your strong points, all of you! Come and get me! It's a fight club!"” These thugs really think they can wreck this place with numbers alone? Take out as many of these goons as you can over the course of this fight!
BADD GUYS Hideki Ryuga “"In this ward... there must still be that stand user that influences other's 'fighting spirit'... If that 'little guy' gets killed by someone, and loses the 'bone'...” First those two men fought, then everyone joined in, and now this woman’s going to try and kill them? Things are quickly spiraling out of control, and you need to keep them from getting even worse! Support the locals of the bar, keeping them out of/away from your fight with Jo to the best of your abilities and helping them out however you can!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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2020.09.28 01:38 TommyCrest [FS][USA] Sacai Blazers, Chrome Hearts Hats, Champion Reverse Weave, Remix Pack AF1, Rolex and Tudor Watches (Tops XL, Shoes US12)

Stats: 5’10 155 pounds. XL in most shirts and jackets. 12 in most shoes.
Timestamp Picture
Paypal Invoice Only!
Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie - Got it online, didn’t like how it fit me. Size XL $45 Shipped
Chrome Hearts Trucker Hat (White/Black) - Got it on here. Didn’t love how it fit me $old
Chrome Hearts Trucker Hat (Black/Black) - Same as above $35 Sold
TNF Grey Puffer - Got this from DHGate. It’s not very thick and the material is interesting but overall it was fine for me. Fits like a M or L. $35 Shipped
Reps Shoes:
Nike Sacai Blazer Black/Grey - Comes with box and extra laces. TTS 12 $110 Shipped
Retail Shoes:
Nike AF1 Remix Pack - Worn Once. Size 12 $75 Shipped
Rep Accessories:
Rolex Seamaster - Got on reddit. i wish it fit me i love this one. $90 Shipped
Tudor Black Bay - Got from Stas on DHGate a while ago. Latch is a little week sometimes but lots of life left. $85 Shipped
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2020.09.28 01:21 Minicen My first PC build, Any recommendations?

Hi guys! I'm aiming to build my first PC soon and I'd love to hear some feedback on what I chose. I'm going to be using this PC for gaming, streaming, and video editing. If there are any recommendations or changes I could make in this price range I'd love to hear them!
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor $294.99 @ Walmart
Motherboard MSI MPG B550 GAMING EDGE WIFI ATX AM4 Motherboard $179.99 @ Amazon
Memory Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $149.99 @ Newegg
Storage Silicon Power 128 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $18.99 @ Newegg
Storage Corsair MP600 Force Series Gen4 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $189.99 @ Amazon
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB Founders Edition Video Card $699.99
Case NZXT H510 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case $149.88 @ Amazon
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA G1+ 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $113.99 @ Amazon
Case Fan Metallic Gear Skiron 85 CFM 140 mm Fan $18.98 @ Amazon
Monitor AOC C24G1 24.0" 1920x1080 144 Hz Monitor $141.38
Custom SmartQ C256 Type-C and Type A USB Memory Card Reader with USB 2.0 Super Speed for MicroSDXC, MicroSDHC, SD, SDXC, SDHC, SD Cards, Works for Windows, Mac OS X, Android Devices (Grey Trio 2.0) $6.99 @ Amazon
Custom Netac 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, USB Stick Speed up to 90MB/s, Thumb Drive Rotataed Design, Memory Stick for PC/Laptop/PS4/External Storage Data, Jump Drive, Photo Stick Digital for Photos/Vid $8.99 @ Amazon
Custom havit Wired Keyboard, USB Quiet Backlit Computer Keyboard Ergonomic LED Gaming Keyboards Wrist Rest 104 Keys for Office PC Desktop Laptop Game Black $16.98
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1991.13
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-27 20:50 EDT-0400
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2020.09.28 01:20 Headoflettuce1981 [Thanks] I loved my gifts u/bratmomjad

I loved my gifts so much and can’t thank you enough u/bratmomjad my daughter actually wants to share the black cat necklace 🙂. I hung the wind chime up with my plants.
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2020.09.28 01:15 sonofamg Wanting to upgrade to an actual 5.1 system.

Wanting to upgrade from a simple Vizio soundbar to a 5.1 setup. We primarily listen to dialogue heavy TV and bass heavy music via streaming apps. TV to music is 60/40. Based on lurking here and elsewhere, here's my first attempt at making a 5.1 system. Any advice would be appreciated:
Receiver: Denon AVR-S750H Receiver, 7.2 Channel (165W x 7) - 4K Ultra HD Home Theater (2019) Music Streaming New - eARC, 3D Dolby Surround Sound (Atmos, DTS/Virtual Height Elevation) Alexa + HEOS
Front speakers: ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers, Black (Pair)
Center: ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2 Center Speaker, Black
Rear speakers: Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Home Audio Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Set of 2)
Sub: SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) – 10-inch Driver, 300-Watts RMS, Ported Cabinet
Comes to around $2000 which is on the top end of what I wanted to spend for the whole system. I would love white front speakers but wouldn't sacrifice sound quality for it.
Again. Please let me know if you have any thoughts about any component.
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2020.09.28 00:55 sonofamg Looking for advice on an upgrade from a sound bar simulated 5.1 system to an actual 5.1.

Wanting to upgrade from a simple Vizio soundbar to a 5.1 setup. We primarily listen to dialogue heavy TV and bass heavy music via streaming apps. TV to music is 60/40. Based on lurking here and elsewhere, here's my first attempt at making a 5.1 system. Primary soundstage is about 11x11 but it's in the corner of an open floorplan. Any advice would be appreciated:
Receiver: Denon AVR-S750H Receiver, 7.2 Channel (165W x 7) - 4K Ultra HD Home Theater (2019) Music Streaming New - eARC, 3D Dolby Surround Sound (Atmos, DTS/Virtual Height Elevation) Alexa + HEOS
Front speakers: ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 Bookshelf Speakers, Black (Pair)
Center: ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2 Center Speaker, Black
Rear speakers: Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Home Audio Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Set of 2)
Sub: SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) – 10-inch Driver, 300-Watts RMS, Ported Cabinet
Comes to around $2000 which is on the top end of what I wanted to spend for the whole system. I would love white front speakers but wouldn't sacrifice sound quality for it.
Again. Please let me know if you have any thoughts about any component.
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2020.09.28 00:47 Kris_Movies (Selling) NEWLY ADDED TITLES... including The Mummy Trilogy, Braveheart, Ultron, Dark World & Frozen 4K's, lots of Disney and Marvel, and a bunch of other 4K iTunes and VUDU titles. Screenpass for first couple purchases.

PayPal preferred but can do CashApp.
Titles will port to Movies Anywhere unless noted with a "*". All HD unless noted otherwise.
First 2 purchases of $10+ can choose a Movies Anywhere Screenpass (250+ eligible titles to choose from).
VUDU/MA - $3 unless marked otherwise 
A Quiet Place*
American Sniper
Ballers: S3* - $4
Barbie: Starlight Adventure
Big Little Lies* - $4
Braveheart (4K)* - $5.50
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Daniel Craig: Quadrilogy* - $15
Dark Knight Rises
Dead In Tombstone (Unrated)
Deadwood: The Movie* - $4
Death Race 3: Unrated
Despicable Me 2 - $4
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days - $4
Dying of the Light*
Fate of the Furious - Theatrical - $2
Fate of the Furious - Ext. Ed.
Fifty Shades of Grey
Furious 7: Ext. Ed. (4K) - $4
Gemini Man* - $4
Get Out
G.I. Joe: Retaliation*
Girls: Season 5*
Ghost in the Shell & Aeon Flux Bundle* - $4
A Good Day to Die Hard (Ex. Ed.)
The Grudge Match
Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Pt. 1
Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix - $4.50
Hercules (2014)*
Hugo* (SD/HD?)
Inception - $4
Interstellar* - $4
Jack the Giant Slayer
Jack Reacher* - $4
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit*
Jason Bourne
Jurassic World
Les Miserables - $4
Looking: Season 1*
The Lorax - $4.50
Mission Impossible: Fallout*
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation\*
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol*
Monster High Electrified
The Mummy (4K) - $5
The Mummy Returns (4K) - $5
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (4K) - $5
My Dinner with Herve* - $4
Overlord (4K)* - $5 (HD) - $4
Paranormal Activity 2*
Parental Guidance
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - $4
Pet Semetary (2019)\*
Pitch Perfect - $4
Pitch Perfect 2 (4K) - $4.50
Run All Night
Secret Life of Pets - $4
Sherlock Holmes - $4
Sing Street* - $4
Slap Shot
Skyfall* - $4
Snow White & the Huntsman: Ext. Ed.
Snow White & the Huntsman: Ext. Ed. (4K) - $4.50
Spongebob:: Sponge Out of Water* - $4
Star Trek: Into Darkness*
Star Trek Beyond*
Ted: Unrated
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 2014\*
Terminator: Dark Fate (4K)* - $5 (HD) - $4
Transformers: Age of Extinction* - $2.50
Transformers: Age of Extinction* (4K) - $4
Transformers: Dark of the Moon*
True Detectives S3* - $4
Warcraft - $4
Winter's Tale - $4
World War Z* - $4
xXx: Return of Xander Cage\*
Sony Movie Buff Code - $6.50 Choice of: 4K - Escape Room, Brightburn, Alpha, Slender man, MIB: International, Hotel Transylvania 3, All the money in the world, The star, Spider-man Far From Home, The Angry Birds 2, White Boy Rick, The Night Before or HD - Surfs up, The 6th Day, Anger Management
Universal Rewards Code - $3 Choice of: Contraband, American Pie (Unrated), Ed, Leave it to Beaver, Soul to Take

iTunes - $3 unless marked otherwise 
10 Cloverfield Lane (4K)* - $5.50
A Dog's Purpose
A Quiet Place (4K)* - $4
Action Point*
Alien Covenant (4K) - $4.50
American Girl: Lea to the Rescue*
Arrival* - $4
Bad Grandpa*
Ballers: S3* - $4
Band of Brothers (HBO Series)* - $8.50
Battleship (4K) - $4
Ben-Hur (2016)*
Big Little Lies* - $4
Boss Baby
Braveheart (4K)* - $5
Bumblebee (4K)* - $4
Captain Underpants
Cloverfield (4K)* - $5.50
Crawl (4K)* - $4
Crimson Peak - $4
Deadpool (4K) - $4.50
Despicable Me 2 (4K) - $4
Dragonheart #3
Fast & Furious 6: Extended Edition (4K) - $4
Fifty Shades Darker (4K)
Finest Hours - $4.50
Fast & Furious 4 (4K) - $4.50
Furious 7: Ext. Ed. (4K) - $4
Gemini Man (4K)* - $4.50
Ghost in the Shell (4K) - $4.50
G.I. Joe: Retaliation (4K)* - $4
Girls: Season 5*
The Gunman
Hercules (2014) (4K)* - $4
Hidden Figures - $4
Ice Age - $4
Interstellar (4K)* - $5
Jack Reacher (4K)* - $4
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (4K)* - $4
Justice (2017)*
Logan (4K) - $4.50
The Longest Ride - $2
The Lorax - $4
Madagascar 3 (SD) - $2.50
Minions (4K) - $4
Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children (4K) - $4
Mission Impossible 1 (4K)* - $6
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (4K)* - $4.50
Mission Impossible: Fallout (4K)*
Monster High Electrified
The Mummy (4K) - $5
The Mummy Returns (4K) - $5
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (4K) - $5
My Dinner with Herve* - $4.50
The Other Woman - $4
Overlord (4K)* - $4.50
Paranormal Activity 2: Unrated*
paul - $4
The Peanuts Movie (4K) - $4
Pet Semetary (1989) (4K)* - $4.50
Pet Semetary (2019) (4K)* - $4
Playing with Fire - $4
Pitch Perfect
Rocketman (4K)* - $4.50
Safe House
Sing (4K) - $4
Slap Shot
Snow White & The Huntsman: Ext. Ed. (4K) - $4
Split (4K) - $4.50
Star Trek (4K)* - $4.50
Star Trek: Into Darkness (4K)* - $4
Taken 3
Ted - $4
Terminator: Dark Fate (4K)* - $4.50
Transformers: Dark of the Moon (4K)* - $4.50
Transformers: Age of Extinction (4K)* - $4
True Detectives S3* - $4
War for the Planet of the Apes (4K) - $4.50
Wolf of Wall Street* - $4.50
World War Z* - $4
xXx: Return of Xander Cage (4K)*

iTunes (SD) - $2 unless marked otherwise. 
Not sure which ones will port to MA.
The Croods
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
Family Guy: Blue Harvest
A Good Day to Die Hard
The Heat
Jake and the Neverland Pirate's: Peter Pan Returns - $3
Kick Ass
Life of Pi
Miss March
New Years Eve
Parental Guidance
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
The Rocker
Sex & the City 2
Transporter 3

GOOGLE PLAY (HD) - $3 unless marked otherwise 
Big Little Lies: S1* - $4
Deadwood: The Movie* - $4
Fehrenheit 451* - $2.50
Game of Thrones Season 1*
Game of Thrones Season 2*
Game of Thrones: Season 7*
Logan - $2
Looking: Season 1*
My Dinner with Herve\*
Silicon Valley: Season 4* - $4.50
True Detectives S3* - $4
Big list of $3-4 Canadian GP's here (many of which port to MA)

Disney/Marvel/Star Wars 
101 Dalmatians (iTunes) - $5
A Bug's Life (iTunes) - $5.50
Aladdin: animated (MA) - $5 (GP) - $4.50
Aladdin - live action (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $4
Alice through the looking glass (iTunes) - $4.50
Ant Man (MA) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
Ant Man & the Wasp (iTunes) - $4.50
Avengers (iTunes) - $5.50 (GP) - $5.50
Avengers: Age of Ultron (4K MA) - $8 (GP) - $5
Avengers: Endgame (iTunes) - $3 (GP) - $3
Avengers Infinity War (iTunes) - $3 (GP) - $3
Beauty & the Beast - animated (iTunes) - $5
Beauty & The Beast - Enchanted Christmas (MA) - $4.50
Beauty & The Beast - live action (iTunes) - $3.50
Big Hero 6 (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $3
The BFG (iTunes) - $4 (MA) - $4.50
Black Panther (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $3.50
Call of the Wild (GP) - $3.50
Captain America: First Avenger (GP) - $5.50
Captain America: Winter (GP) - $5.50
Captain Marvel (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $4
Christopher Robin (iTunes) - $4.50 (GP) - $4.50
Cinderella - animated (iTunes) - $4.50
Cinderella - live action (4K MA) - $5.50 (GP) - $4.50
Coco (MA) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
Disneynature's: Bears (MA) - $5 (GP) - $4.50
Disneynature's: Born in China (iTunes) - $4
Doctor Strange (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $3.50
Dumbo: live action (MA) - $4.50 (iTunes) - $4
Finding Dory (MA) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
Fox and the Hound 2 (iTunes) - $4
Frozen (4K MA) - $5.50 (GP) - $4
Frozen 2 (GP) - $4
Frozen: Sing-along Edition (MA) - $3.50 (GP) - $3
The Good Dinosaur (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $4
Guardians of the Galaxy (GP) - $4.50
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $3
The Incredibles 2 (iTunes) - $4.50
Inside Out (MA) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
Iron Man (iTunes) - $5.50 (GP) - $5
Iron Man 3 (MA) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
The Jungle Book - live action (iTunes) - $3.50
The Jungle Book 2 (iTunes) - $5
Lion King - animated (GP) - $4.50
The Lion King - 1 1/2 (iTunes) - $5
Lion King - Live action (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $4
The Little Mermaid (iTunes) - $5
Maleficent (iTunes) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
Mary Poppins (MA) - $4.50
Moana (MA) - $4.50 (iTunes) - $4
The Nightmare Before Christmas (iTunes SD) - $2.50
Nutcracker & the 4 Realms (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $4
Pete's Dragon (iTunes) - $4
Peter Pan (iTunes) - $4.50
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (MA) - $3.50 (GP) - $3
The Pirate Fairy: Tinkerbell (MA) - $3.50 (GP) - $3
Planes (MA) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
Pocahontas 2 (iTunes) - $4
Princess & the Frog (iTunes) - $4
Ralph Breaks the Internet (MA) - $4 (GP) - $3.50
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (iTunes) - $4 (GP) - $4
The Santa Clause 2 (GP) - $3
The Santa Clause 3 (GP) - $3
Sleeping Beauty (MA) - $4.50 (iTunes) - $4
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (iTunes) - $4
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (MA) - $3 (GP) - $2.50
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (MA) - $4.50 (GP) - $4
Super Buddies (iTunes) - $3
Thor: Dark World (4K MA) - $8.50 (GP) - $5.50
Thor: Ragnarok (MA) - $4 (GP) - $3.50
Toy Story 4 (GP) - $4 (iTunes) - $4
Wrinkle in Time (MA) - $4 (GP) - $3.50
Zootopia (GP) - $4
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First Look: 'Black Love' Season 3  Black Love  Oprah ... 'Black Love' Is Back  Black Love  Oprah Winfrey Network ... Black Love Summit 2018 with Niecy Nash Black Love - YouTube An Extended First Look at Black Love  Black Love  Oprah ...


  1. First Look: 'Black Love' Season 3 Black Love Oprah ...
  2. 'Black Love' Is Back Black Love Oprah Winfrey Network ...
  3. Black Love Summit 2018 with Niecy Nash
  5. Black Love - YouTube
  6. An Extended First Look at Black Love Black Love Oprah ...
  7. Extended Preview of Black Love Season 2 Black Love ...

Are you ready? 'Black Love' returns August 10th. Get a sneak peek at the new season. Black Love highlights love stories from the black community and seeks to... 'Black Love' is back. OWN's groundbreaking docuseries highlighting love stories from the African-American community launches its second season on May 12, 201... From dating and relationships to finance and marriage -- watch 360 degrees of BLACK LOVE and more on! What's your favorite series?? Catch up today! Couch Conversations with Khadeen ... From the Black Love docu-series to, we aim to be the hub for Black couples and singles looking to build community and conversation around healt... Black Love creators, Tommy & Codie Oliver, on stage with Niecy Nash and Jay Tucker, from Season 2 of Black Love Doc, discussing all things love, family, relationship, blended family, self love and ... Get an inside look at what's in store in the new season of 'Black Love'. The hit series returns Saturday, August 10, at 9/8c—only on OWN. For more on #BlackL... Get an extended look at the first episode of Black Love with this exclusive clip. For more on #BlackLoveDoc, visit Find OWN on ...